I Want To Say Sorry ....

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hiya my lovies this is the last chapter of The Bad Boy And Me, it has been a crazy rollercoaster but it has been amazing i want to say thank you for reading my story and supporting me even with all the bad spelling ahah. i am starting a few new stories if you want to check them out i would be truly grateful but for now i will leave you with the last Chapter of The Bad Boy And Me....

Ethan's Pov

The school had out done them selves they had turned our grim tatty old gym into a beautiful dance hall. There where trees acting as a forest there was a mirrored maze, and a bridge you walk over to get in so everyone saw you as you walked in. there was moody lighting and twinkly lights Nina and Mia where smiling with excitement as we took a photo, I didn't smile.

After that we went over to a table and grabbed some drinks, Mia dragged Riley of too dance while Nina disappeared somewhere. I was deep in thought as I drank my spiked drink . What you cant expect me Ethan king not to go to a school dance and not spike the punch bowl its like a bad boy tradition when I do come to these things.

I then felt someone sit next to me I looked to see it was zoe, a face I though would now leave me alone. She wore a bright pink dress which did not complement her tanned skin and when I mean tanned I mean tangoed .

"Why are you sat here all alone?" she said while batting her eyelashes, this usually means she wanted sex and I would give in just because I wanted it too but I don't ,not this time?

"i was enjoying peace and quite ... but then you showed up" i said sourly

"Ouch " she said faking a hurt expression "well I was wondering if you wanted... too you know" she placed her hand on my inner thigh and it made my skin crawl I picked her hand up and placed it on her lap.

"not today Zoe... not ever" i said knocking my drink back

"You know I don't get you" I looked at her to see she was angry and hurt," at the start of the year you where all for it but since you bump into that stupid nerd you've changed... and then you got shot all because of her and she's not even with you... you're not with her so I don't understand why you can't " she ranted on and on but I just ignored her.

'Because he's here with me" I felt someone touch my shoulder I looked up to see nina glaring at Zoe they never got on "hello zoe" she cocked her eye brow while zoe glared at her.

" Nina... i should have known you would never let him go" she said sourly like i was some prize

"well, you know he never had a type for crazy but then he did sleep with you but never dated? I wonder what thats about?" nina said which cause Zoe to stump on her feet like a little girl huff and walked off.

"you know i have never been more happy to see you then i had then" i said to her smiling she just shrugged and smiled

"want to dance?" she asked i nodded standing up taking her hand

"I suppose I should or I will be abducted by a crazy person" Nina laughed as we started to dance slowly. We were silent as we danced and I couldn't help but look around for her I just wanted to see once thats all I know we planned to go to prom together and I know she picked up her dress in Paris so it must be beautiful and elegant but then again so is she.

"you're looking for her aren't you?" Nina's voice pulled me out of my thoughts as i looked down at nina

"yeah" i said quietly

"why wont you fight for her?" she asked as she searched my eyes i shrugged

"i don't know i just want her to be with me because she wants to not because I'm making her... after all of this i don't want to turn into him but i will always fight for her even if it's not evident " she nodded

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