A Splended Night

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Lily's pov

We were all currently at the dinner celebrating I haven't laughed so much for ages and its all because of one little letter, but I couldn't help but wish I could tell that one special person.

"So prom is on Saturday" Mia said everyone frowned apart from her I wasn't up for going I think I'm allergic to parties.

"whats wrong with prom? its are last party before we all go " she said sadly

"it's not the kind of party we usually go to babe" Riley said as he rested his arm on the seat behind him. we all stayed quite for awhile until it clicked he's never been to a school dance

"YOU'VE NEVER BEEN TO A SCHOOL DANCE THATS WHY" I said shouting making him feel more embraced while I smiled like the devil at him.

"shut you mouth Reed" i smirked as i sipped on my milkshake

"you know thats impossible" i joked which earned a laugh from Charlie "i don't know why you're laughing you haven't been ether" then he was quite

"awww thats soon cute" Mia said while kissing him on the check "you're definitely coming" she said he frowned and glared at me

"so are you" she said to me i looked at her in shock while Riley smirked at me

"I'm not going Mia and theres nothing you can say that will make me" i said crossing my arms like a little child

"You HAVE too you nominated for prom queen" I chocked on my drink while Riley laughed.

"her she's room queen everyone hates her" i glared at him while he shrugged

" he dose have a point" i say " why would i be nominated is it a pity toss after the bunker incident... I'm surprise they want me at prom or graduation i could effect everyones safety "they where silent not knowing what to say i shook my head they need to take a joke

"But you have your dress picked out its perfect for the fairy tale theme" Mia said trying to convince me.

"theres a theme?" i asked in disbelief

"You have a dress?" Charlie asked in disbelief

"Uh yeah I got it in Paris..." I was silent while everyone stared at me "i'm not going Mia end of story" I finished she sighed and tried to get Riley to help convince me but even he knew it was no use.

"Fine... come on Riley we need to get you a tie" she said he rolled his eyes while walking away with my best friend now it was just me and Charlie.

"Why don't you want to go?" charlie asked me as they left?

"i ... uh just don't want to" i say avoiding his eye


"am i that predictable " he nodded i laughed slightly

"how about if i was your date" he asked i looked at him shocked

"Charlie... I'm sure theres another girl you would rather take" i said trying to get out of it

"nah none could top you beside... Ethan wont be going come on it will be fine" he said i shook my head

"why would you Charlie the bad boy want to go" i asked

"like you said i have never been to a school dance beside i would be honoured to have you on my arm" i stared at him for awhile before speaking

"i'll go but only as friends" i said he nodded

"nothing more" he said joking i laughed

the day of prom

Ethan's pov

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