Chapter One

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"Zoey," my mom called into the yard. I was obviously not paying a bit of attention.

Why you might ask because I was focused. I am constantly fine tuning my training and wolf skills. Yes I said wolf. I am a werewolf, just turned one a year ago in fact. Well just shifted for the first time a year ago. I was born a werewolf.

I shifted back after she had called again for the second time. This time, ferocity pouring from her mouth as she yelled my name. Obviously I had been more focused than needed to be. "Yeah mom" I called when I sauntered inside the kitchen. I placed my sweatshirt on the chair before I sat, too hot to keep it on. Now I just sat in a halter top and shorts.

As I stared at my mom and dad who looked terribly flustered, might I add. I began to feel uncomfortable. An eerie pit building in my stomach that I was about to hear bad news. "Zoey, you're moving with your father back to his pack on the other side of the country. We're getting a divorce." my mother blurted out as she scrapped her chair across the tile floor.

"What!" I screamed. "There's no way I am moving away from my friends." I cried.

"Either you move with him or you move to Europe with me and we all know you would rather be with your father. Plus, I don't really want the burden." My mother smiled wickedly as I stared at her in disbelieve like she was a purple chicken running around with its head cut off in right in the middle of the kitchen. Since when did she not want me around? Oh. I get it. I thought to myself. She doesn’t want a werewolf around when she can’t shift herself.

"FINE!" I scream as I be line it to my room slamming the door for an added effect.

There are boxes all over my room most of them are just taped on the bottom and left to sit empty. I was livid. I tossed things into the boxes left and right. I didn't dare hesitate and look at what was making it into the boxes just tossing them.

Shortly after my 'fit' had ended I now lay weeping quietly on my bed when I hear a soft knock on the door. "What?" I snap.

"Sweetie, its dad." My dad's soft masculine voice calls through the door. I have always been close to my dad not so much though with my mom. But it has helped that lately I can shift into a wolf and so can he. We play and run through the trees together all the time. "I know you’re not happy honey but you really need to be in a pack and get used to their ways. Someday soon you will be finding your mate you know and he will already be in a pack most likely." My dad rambled on. I have heard him talk about this before but I really didn't want to know much about it. I liked it here in the no pack territory. Not many wolves lived here but every rogue here was friendly.

"We'll be leaving tomorrow morning sweetie if you want to go out and say goodbye to your friends, tonight."

"Yeah dad, I think I will do just that." I pouted as I ambled my way out the door.

I found my friends; Tyler, Jordan, and Stacy at the normal location, tucked in the back corner of the of Stacy's yard. A small bench was placed there years ago. We claimed it. We would sit there talk and just hang out deciding what we wanted to do next.

"Hey guys." I smiled sadly. This would probably be my last time ever seeing my friends.

"Zoey!" Stacy called as she ran to me pulling me deep into her long skinny arms.

"What's the matter?"

"Nothing." I replied firmly. I wasn't going to let them see me cry. I am strong. I will be strong for my fr...

"Ah... Zo... your crying we know something is up." Jordan half smiles as he walks closer to us.

Dang those stupid tears. I didn't even realize I was still crying.

"I am moving. I will miss you all. This is my last night here." I whined.

My friends didn't say much they just wrapped me up in their warm and loving arms and held me. I knew Stacy would be especially sad. She was one of my rogue friends here.

My best friend. She didn't say much just leaned in my ear and said "we'll come see you if you want." I smiled at her suggestion. This would be wonderful except for the fact that I know she didn't want to. She was a rogue too and she had told me over and over how she had planned on staying that way.

“Let’s make the most of our time then.” Tyler announced and scooped me up into his arms and ran off toward the house. Jordan picked up Stacy and followed us. They set us down in front of the couch in Stacy’s house and together we watched a movie and ate popcorn and candy together.

Two movies later the living room was trashed. Popcorn was tossed all over from Jordan and Tyler fighting with it. Pillows and blankets all over from Stacy and I pillow fighting the guys. It was one of the most fun nights we have shared together.

After a few tear-filled hours I slinked back toward my house. Promising I would call when I arrived and give them my address. I am going to miss them.