Chapter 4 : A Big Step

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THE KISSING went from chaste to hot and heavy in a blink of an eye. His heart raced as he burrowed his hands into her long, soft hair. She moaned into his mouth, her nails digging into a particularly new scar on his neck. He broke away, with a groan. His drunken mind registered the pain, the thought that it was going to to hurt delayed.

"Oh, I'm sorry did I hurt you?" She slurred, her face creased with concern.

"Yes, but it's okay." He answered, tenderly rubbing her waist now.

She nodded, her eyes on his lips. He swallowed and with soft, tender hands he pulled her closer again. He kissed her forehead, her eyes fluttering close under the softness. He glanced down, his eyes committing her features to memory. He didn't know when he was going to see her again. He hoped she would be in his life for a little longer than this wedding night. He knew he was just drunk, his logical side telling him he was being stupid. She needed to go back to her home in Denmark. She rested her head on his shoulder, her arms around his waist now.

"I wish you didn't have to go back to Romania. I wish I could just stay like this forever with you." She muttered into his neck, a shiver running down his back due to the heat of her breath.

"You have to go back to your hippogriff's. I have to go back to my dragons." Sadness permeated his words.

He wanted the same things as her, he wanted her by his side forever. Logic and rational thought could not convince his heart that it was stupid feeling this way. It didn't help that both their logic and rationality was dimmed by the alcohol they had consumed.

"I'm not going back to Denmark, I haven't been there in two years. Remember." She pulled away from him, an accusing brow raised.

"Right, I didn't know. Sorry, love." He apologized, his thumb tracing the raised brow.

"You're forgiven." She kissed him lightly, a smile on her face. 

"Why can't I come with you? I could work with dragons, too. I am pretty good with animals." She giggled, swinging her body as she held onto his waist. 

He found her extremely adorable as she looked up at him with hope in her eyes.

"I would love that, but they have to invite you to a post. We don't have one open either." He frowned.

"Oh, that's a shame." Her frown matched his, her nose scrunching comically.

"What happened to your nose?" He tapped her nose lightly, his earlier thoughts coming back through the drunken fog in his mind. 

"I was punched in the face. I had a fight with someone. Here," she grabbed his hands and put them on her left shoulder, "Feel down my back diagonally."

Her answer was full of emotion, but vague. He wanted to know what she meant by that but she was being vague for a reason.

He followed her instructions, his eyes on her face. Emotions played across her beautiful face, as his hands felt the puckered skin on her back. It was thin but quite raised above the normal level of her skin. He could feel it through her silky dress, the fabric sticking to her hot skin. She swallowed as he trailed down the scar, the anger and despair on her face making his heart hurt. The scar seemed to go on forever, as he sucked in his breath in outrage. It petered off towards her bum and he lifted his hands away. He didn't want to grope her without her permission. She grabbed his one hand, and put it on the spot he stopped.

"Keep going." She whispered.

He nodded and with a light touch, followed the scar on her bum. It stopped around the top half of her pert bum, and without thinking of it, he pulled her closer to him.

"What happened?" He whispered, their eyes locked.

Indecision raced across her face and they stood there for a few minutes as she struggled to make a decision. She seemed to come to a decision as she opened her mouth to answer him but they were interrupted.

"Mr. Weasley, take your dirty hands off my twin!" Jayden called angrily behind the two.

"Merlin, Jayden I can be touched by whomever I like!" Charlotte slurred back and barreled towards her drunk and stumbling twin.

Leah was next to him, less drunk than her boyfriend. She was obviously busy trying to take him home, his slurred words showing how drunk he truly was. She smiled apologetically towards Charlie, who was drunkenly staring and amused at the twins. He swallowed as his body succumbed to the alcohol in his body, everything dulled down and slow.

The music from the tent was too loud for the rest of the wedding party to hear their argument.

"He's not even your boyfriend, you said you only just broke up with Rainir!" Jayden shouted, peaking Charlie's drunken interest at the new name.

"Charlie has always been more than just a boyfriend to me. If I could, I would marry him right now." Her comeback made Charlie fill with heat, evading the numbness in his body.

"Yeah, like you'll do that." Jayden scoffed drunkenly, Leah walking to him to calm him down.

"Leah, is the ordaining guy still here?" Charlotte asked, walking over to Charlie and pulling him closer to her.

He stumbled behind her, his hand being squeezed by hers. He didn't know where this conversation was going, his mind way too slow to understand the events happening in front of him.

"Yes.. but Charlotte, what are you planning on doing?" Leah answered, frowning at her best friend.

"Yeah, what are you planning on doing? You're going to marry him, right now?" Jayden smirked, slurring.

"Yes." Charlotte replied, smirking back at her brother.

"What?" Charlie mumbled. 

She turned to him, and pulled him into her.

"Do you want to spend the rest of your life with me?"

"Since we kissed the first time. But are you sure we should do it on the same day as your brother?" Charlie mumbled, his eyes locked on her bright ones.

"You're going back to the Dragon Sanctuary on Monday. I don't ever know when we'll see each other again. Let's get married. Please, Charlie."

"Okay, let's do it." Charlie couldn't quite believe the words coming out of his mouth but he couldn't find it in himself to regret them.

"Charlotte, Charlie, you guys are drunk, you should at least wait till tomorrow." Leah begged, holding on to Jayden who was swaying.

"Please Leah, please get the guy." Charlotte asked her friend.

Against her better judgement, Leah couldn't say no to her friend who looked desperate to marry the man she had loved since Hogwarts.

"Okay, I'll go get him."

The romance of the whole day influenced her drunk mind, making Leah stumble back to the tent. She was aware she was the most sober of the four of them but, she was excited for her friend. Charlie was always the love of her life.

She was going to regret doing this tomorrow and Charlotte was going to kill her.

She couldn't help but ignore all of this.

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