Crush or be crush

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"I'm leaving my ride is here" I told Zoey and Matthew

"Already damn I hope he is hot" Zoey say

"Get home safe" Matthew say waving and pulling Zoey behind him to the bus.

I close my umbrella because the rain had stop. It was a pink Umbrella that change colors if the rain touch it. I walk to Dario white BMW I got in the front seat and shut the door. He look at me for a few seconds then I put on my seat belt and he drove off. He had on some Chris brown playing it was Chris brown ft Jordan Sparks no air.

He drove and the car ride was silent we don't talk the traffic was back up on the high way.

I pull out my phone and look I saw s message from my mom she was asking if I got a bus. I told her I was getting a drop I couldn't tell her it was from Dario. I shut off my phone the high way was busy plus the rain was falling again.

"Why did you pick me up?" I ask Dario looking in my bag for my bottle of water.

He look over at me then back to the road " you ask me for a ride home? Don't you want the ride Mia?" Dario ask still looking at the road.

"I umm" I couldn't complete the sentence and he look over at me then back at the road.

I really wanted to touch him I mean yeah I have touch him before I wanted to play with his hair. I pull myself out of the idea and drink some of the bottle water.

I look down at my hand then look at him I can't believe we were so close. I wonder if he would be angry if I touch him. I held the water bottle in one hand and I slowly take the other hand and slowly touch his arm.

He look at me suddenly and smirked one of those cocky ass smirked that piss me off. I hate went guys did that especially my ex 😤. I couldn't help myself I run my hand over his arm and then I slowly touch him hair it felt so soft and good.

He didn't do anything he just look at the road and keep driving. I pull away my hand suddenly his phone started to ring. I looked away and pulled my iPod out and put in my headphones.

What about love -Austin

What about our promise?
What about love ?

I only remember those lines of the song till. I look over at Dario who was still on his phone he look over to me and then back at the road. I pull out my headphone and look at him and I pull his work shirt which was blue.

"You okay?" I ask him
"Shh☝️" he told me and touch my face

I put back in my headphone the iPod had change to another song which was in Spanish.

I felt someone pull my headphone out and I look up to see it was Dario.

"Yeah" I told him

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