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The Change (chapter 1)

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You never think about death much, like.....what happens afterwards, is it dark, light, do you live another life? Well I do know what happens, it's a bit like living another life but only slightly different......

As I opened my eyes the sunlight hit my face, I was still tiered but yawned and got out of bed. I slowly made my way down the stairs, went into the kitchen, carefully made myself some breakfast, and ate it

"Cara, time for school!" my dad shouted, it was eight 'o'clock.

"Coming dad!" I quickly replied, I got dressed and grabbed my school bag as fast as I could.

"Cara, you're going to be late!" my dad was getting impatient. I ran down the stairs as quickly as I could, out the door, and jumped in the car.

"Finally! How long dose it take?!" my dad said sarcastically.

At school I met my friends Rachel and Maria, "Hi Rachel!" I smiled at Rachel, "Hi Maria!" I turned to Maria.

"Hi Cara, come on we're going to be late for tutor!" Maria shouted, running along dragging me and Rachel behind her. We were 5 minutes late for tutor and had to go back at break.........! Detention was boring, we had to sit there for 5 minutes doing absolutely nothing, wile the teacher went on about something to do with responsibility (obviously; no-one was listening)!

Later, at the end of the day, me and Hannah walked to the bus together,

"So......, what's up?" I asked, nervous of the silence, me and Hannah used to be best friends until high school when she fell in with the popular crowd.

"Not much, you?" Oh my gosh; she replied!

"Me neither...I...."

"Oh, hi Josh!" she casually walked away from me towards a beautiful boy sitting on his own, he had golden brown eyes, beautiful pale skin, and scruffy brown hair. I sat down on my own and turned to look at them. He looked at her, he said something but I was too far away to hear him. She sat next to him and said, "Tonight?" I didn't know if it was a question or a command, he nodded clearly and half smiled.

The next day Hannah wasn't at school, but 'the boy' was. I had this urge to ask him if he knew why she wasn't there. But for some reason, something stopped me, it was fear! Not the fear of getting embarrassed (because he didn't know why), not the fear of him, but the fear....that he might tell me!!

First I had P.E we played dodge ball, I was good at dodge ball it was fun....normally, but this time all I could think about was Hannah and him, I had to ask him.................

"Ouch!" I screeched in horror, I seemed to be in the medical room,

"Oh my gosh.....your awake!" Maria was screaming in my face.

"Ouch, again." I joked to Maria!

"Oh, sorry. Are you ok?" she asked,

"I would be if I knew what happened." I replied.

"You don't remember?" I didn't know if it was a question....

"Well you were playing dodge ba...." She began, but she was interrupted.

"No Maria, you over exaggerate." The nurse had entered the room,

"Fine." I held in the urge to laughed.

"Good." She turned to me, "You had a fall in P.E; you got hit in the head by a dodge ball then fell to the ground hitting you're head again." Silly me! "Now, do you feel dizzy?"





"Yes!" I felt like I was about to puke!

"Well then, you'd better go home. Is there anyone at home?"

"Er....only my dad."

"Ok, I'll give him a ring."

"NO!" I couldn't go home, I had

"Why? Is there something wrong?" I would've told her but I just couldn't remember!

"No. Call him. Everything's fine." I was sure there was something I had to do!

"What happened to you?!" my dad asked sounding shocked,

"Oh great, it must be huge!" My fall at school gave me a HUGE bruise on my head!

"Oh.....sorry. Well at least you're ok." How mean??

"WHAT?! 'Well at least you're ok." Impersonating my dad was quite hard!

"Well that is the main thing. Do you want a drink?"


"Maybe some pain...."

"I'm fine dad, I just want to sleep." I yawned.

"Ok, call me if you need anything!" He had to shout because I was already halfway up the stairs.

I went in my room and lied down. I tried to get to sleep but I couldn't, instead all I could think about was that thing I had to do but couldn't remember. Suddenly it hit me like an arrow! Yesterday, the bus, Hannah, and him! I was in my room for 4 hours, just thinking about Hannah and him. Why wasn't she in school? Did he know why? Was he the reason why she wasn't in school today? Did he do something to her? What did she mean by "Tonight?"

Weeks past and every day I looked on the bus to see if Hannah was there. But every day was just another disappointment. After a month I gave up, she obviously wasn't coming back...

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