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The first thing Calum notices is Michael's heartbeat. Every time he lay on Michael's or had his head anywhere near the boys heart, it would be beating two times as fast as it usually would. Michael shrugs it off as he was suffering from heartburn, and he'd be fine soon.

However, Michael starts going to the toilet at every chance he gets. Constantly asking Calum to get off him so he can pee and as soon as he gets a break at work he'll go straight to the loo.

Then, Michael starts to throw up every morning and complain of cramps and nauseousness.

Now, Michael has slept in until midday and he usually sleeps until at least eight in the morning.

Calum is sitting on the sofa by himself, his knees pulled to his chest as he watches the cartoon on the tv out of pure boredom. He was waiting another twenty minutes and if Michael hasn't woken up by then he was waking the boy up himself.

There's a soft knock on the door and Calum doesn't get chance to move off the sofa before Ashton and Luke waltz in, kicking off their shoes and making their way into the living room.

"Hey Calum," Ashton says, taking a seat next to the tan boy. Luke takes a seat on the arm chair opposite and sits crossed legged.

"Where's Mike?" Luke asks, leaning on his knees.

Before Calum can answer, they hear the bedroom door open and Michael's footsteps run across the hall and the bathroom door slamming shut. Calum sighs and climbs off the sofa, wondering down the hallway and stopping outside of the bathroom door. Ashton and Luke follow quietly and Calum knocks on the door.

"Michael? You okay?"

In reply he gets the sound of Michael heaving and the sloshing sound of him throwing up into the toilet bowl. Luke gags and Ashton pulls a disgusted face.

"Is he alright?" Ashton asks with his nose scrunched up.

Calum shrugs and opens the door, peering inside to see a sweaty and pale Michael kneeling in front of the toilet. His hands are gripping the porcelain and be looks up to Calum with a shaky smile.

"Hi," he he whispers and pit of the corner of his eye he sees Ashton poke his head through the door.

"Shall we leave? We can come back later?" He asks, looking down at Michael with a sympathetic smile. Michael shakes his head.

"No no, I'm fine now." The pale boy stands up but automatically clutches onto Calum's shirt for support.

"Are you sure?" Ashton raises an eyebrow and Michael nods.

"I'm sure it's just a bug." He stands himself up fully now and walks past the three of them and into the bedroom.

"Maybe you're pregnant," Luke jokes and Calum glances at Michael.

"Of course," Luke ccontinues. "You're a boy and we all know you're a top anyway."

Calum coughs awkwardly and Michael stops pulling clothes out the wardrobe with a blush painting his face pale cheeks.

"What? Did I say something?" Luke asks innocently but then something clicks inside him and his eyes widen in realisation. "Wait a minute! Calum did you top!?"

"Only once," Calum cries and Michael face palms in the corner. There's an awkward silence between the four of them because they know, they all know that Michael never lets Calum top. He's the dominant one in the relationship.

"Well, there's a first for everything I guess." Ashton shrugs, breaking the silence. "You wore a condom right, Calum?"

Calum doesn't answer and Ashton sighs. "Welp, Michael's definitely pregnant."

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