#3. Table Mountain's City

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Once the girls were done eating, they all headed to the airport. The car ride to the airport was filled with laughter, the latest gossip about who Moozlie was messing with currently, and a whole lot of off tune singing...loudly

They didn't know it just yet, but this was gonna be one hell of a vacation that the girls wouldn't forget, mostly one that Mona would never forget

Moozlie had booked them first class ticket, just so her girls could travel in style

Once their bags were checked in, they headed to the gate where they would enter the aeroplane. Moozlie had made sure that they all sat next to one another, so they could converse if they needed​ to

Mona sat in the middle of both Moozlie and Kat, since she was afraid of heights

Mona had made sure to bring a notepad and pen, just in case she got bored on the flight. And even though Moozlie and Kat didn't necessarily agree with her bringing her "creative tools", they both knew that trying to convince her to leave that part of her at home, would've fell on deaf ears

"Yho ntwana, le uvacation izoba mnandi" Kat said in Zulu to Moozlie
(Yo girl, this vacation is gonna be lit)

"Ndiyazi friend. We about to get turnt boo" Moozlie hooted, causing the other passengers to look at her funny. Not like she cared much about what people thought of her, "Where the alcohol? I wanna get a head start" she whispered to her friends
(I know friend)

"The Hell. You are not gonna turned​ up before we even land ko Kapa (in the Cape)" Mona mugged Moozlie

Moozlie smacked her teeth, "You always seem to know how to kill a bitch's vibe neh? (Right)"

Mona looked at her from the corner of her eye, "Well bitch, you know how you get when you turnt up too early"

Moozlie rolled her eyes at her friend. Even though she knew that Mona was right, she would never admit it to her

Kat listened to her two friends, smirking at their bickering, "Y'all need to chill, always causing a scene, even when there's no need for y'all to do so" she said leaning forward to look at them from her seat

Mona leaned forward in her seat, "Why do you always gotta be the peace maker?" She mocked

Frowning at her, "Cause one of us has to be" Kat said, after taking a breather to think more about Mona's question

Mona and Moozlie both smacked their teeth, "She think she always gotta be right. Fake ass bitch with her laid back demeanour" Moozlie whispered in Mona's ear, causing her to giggle

Kat rested her head back on her seat, "Y'all two always gotta talk smack, when you're not winning" she said as she smacked her teeth

"Oh ho" Mona smacked her teeth, while Moozlie laughed

Luckily the flight attendant was making their rounds, checking to see that everyone was situated before the flight took off

"Please buckle up. Place your bags in your appropriate cabbie holes above your seats" she said as she paced by each aisle

The girls all buckled their seatbelts, and made sure that their bags were all in the above cabbie holes

Once the plane had ascended, Kat had gotten herself comfortable enough for her to sleep, while Moozlie got her phone out to listen to music

Mona on the other hand, had her pen and notepad out, so she could scribble down a thought, some would call it a poem

Why are you always searching?

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