Kidnapped 26- Remembering

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Kyo suddenly noticed the tears streaming down Tohru's face.

"Please don't cry."

He said comfortingly. Kyo hugged Tohru lightly, as if he was hugging a stranger for the first time.

Kyo placed his hand on Tohru's cheek and tried to wipe away her tears.

Tohru leaned her face closer to Kyo's and stood on her tippy toes.

Her lips kissed the only thing she could reach without Kyo bending down. His jawline.

She kissed his jawline and pulled away turning around,

"Please...just remember me soon."

She whispered sadly, she opened the door and quickly shut it behind her.

Kyo became confused, trying the chase after Tohru.

"Tohru wai-," He opened the hospital door only to see her gone.

Kyo shut his room light off and sat in the darkness, unable to sleep.

Tohru returned to her room to Yuki sleeping in her hospital bed.

She quietly stepped over to the chair by the bed and sat in it. Too many thoughts circled in her mind, causing her head to hurt. Tohru put her hand on her forehead sighing, of course all of this happens. She thought sadly.

Tears were flowing down her cheeks, hiccuping every once in a while caused Yuki to wake up.

"What happened?" Yuki spoke in a concerned tone.

Tohru shook her head, unable to speak.

Yuki frowned and put his hand on Tohru's cheek, wiping a stray tear from her tear stained face.

Her eyes widened and she stumbled back leaving Yuki's hand in midair. Tohru's back was to the door, she had the knob in her hand ready to turn it.

"K-Kyo did that."

Yuki stood up in shock.

"You talked to him? What'd he say to you?"

Tohru sniffled,

"He tried to remember me, he was looking at a picture. Of us. Why didn't you tell me he forgot?"

Tohru rose her voice lightly.

Yuki lowered his head,

"I'm sorry."

Tohru sighed in anger,

This isn't myself, I'm never my old self. I want the old back.

Tohru yelled loudly stomping next to the hospital bed pointing toward the door,


"I do now..."

Tohru heard his familiar voice and turned around, Kyo stood at the door way. He was breathing heavily, as if he was trying to run in his boot.

"Kyo?" Yuki spoke nervously.

"Hey, Yuki. Tohru?"

Tohru crossed her arms lightly,she was shaking with anger.

"I-I'm not who I used to be anymore. I'm so sorry Yuki."

She ran into Yuki's arms and hugged him tightly, forgetting about the curse he transformed instantly.

Tohru looked over at Kyo who held his arms open wide, waiting for Tohru.

Tohru smiled faintly and stepped into his arms,hugging him tightly. Her tears wet his tight shirt.

Yuki sat in his rat form waiting to transform back, as he waited he watched them.

"Why did you only forget about me?" She whispered sadly.

"I don't know, but I hope I get my memory soon."

The only thing we can do is hope.

Tohru yawned, Kyo smiled lightly and patted her shoulder.

"Get some sleep."

She couldn't help but plaster a huge smile on her face as he left the hospital room.

Tohru lied in her bed fast asleep for the rest of the night, peaceful for the first time in many nights.


Kenta sat outside of the hospital angered by what he heard.

No matter what it's not working.

Kenta's phone rang loudly, he picked up it hesitantly.

"Hello?" Kenta spoke in a nervous tone.

"How is it going?" A voice spoke on the other line that sent chills up Kenta's spine thinking of this person.

"It's not working. Nothing is working! Lets just give up already."

The person on the call growled viciously,

"Give up and I will kill you."

Kenta hung up the phone and sighed.

Is this really worth it?


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