The Game Part 14

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19th September 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Knox's POV...

We waited for a few hours before slowly making our way down into the gorge to get a closer look at the compound looking to see a clear way in.

Dogs that were running free around the boundaries between the two tall fences would make it a bit difficult getting out, let alone getting in.

So this was going to be a little tricky to find out how to get in without getting caught. That too wasn't going to be easy i was thinking with the kids making annoying noises in her throat every time someone came along.

It was like she knew who each of those men were and she was looking at them as if they were going to be on the menu that night.

Seeing that the kid had also pulled a leathal looking knife out of her boot had me looking at her twice. Where the hell did she have that hidden and how on earth did I miss finding it?

I used the night vision goggles to get myself about, but the kid had really good eyesight without them.

She was pointing out certain things that i needed to know about. Like how many cages we could see and how far apart they were spaced out. She was also taking notice of how often men with guns would be coming around the perimeter.

She was doing more recon that I did.

But when I think about the kids upbringing, especially over the last few years, I can understand why she would.

It was all about self preservation for her.

If she didn't do it, she would die. It was as simple as that.

"Tell me about the Game again?" I asked her as I watched as four men had gone into one of the cages and dragged out a man who was trying his best to fight them off. But not with any luck by the look of it.

" They take bets on how long a runner can last before either being caught by the dogs or caught by them after giving the person a five minute headstart. There are some very rich people that come in to play the game. To be a part of it. They are the hunters and the runners are the prey. Only a few have gotten away and lived to tell about it." The kid was saying very quietly as she looked down into the camp to try and see more than we could.

"Do they ever have more than one runner at the same time?" I asked her itching to make the hunters become the prey.

"Sometimes. Usually if there is a family they will beat up the strongest so they are handicapped and won't be able to get away. It's a horrible game." The kid was saying to me as she looked at the camp in front of us with disgust on her face.

I could even hear it in her voice as she spoke.

" We are going to have to do more recon before finding some way to get in. It could take a couple of days." i said to her as we heard the sound of someone screaming as they may have been tortured.

At least that is what it sounded like to me.

Then both the kid and I were startled to hear the sound of a gun shot followed by silence. No more screaming. We could only imagine what that meant.

Taking a deep breath, I tapped the kid to let her know that we have to retreat for the moment before coming back to do more recon next time.

"We'll have to find shelter that will hide us using the binoculars in the morning since the sun rises in the east and we could get the sun reflected off the glass." The kid was saying as we made our way back towards the cliff face looking for somewhere to bunk down for the night and not get found.

The kind of set up these people have would ensure that they would have some kind of monitoring system established to make sure they didn't get any unwanted or unexpected visitors stumble upon them.

So we'll have to be careful about that too. Hence another reason why I have the night goggles still on.

" Pity you couldn't find another cave or two. They would come in handy about now." i said to the kid with an amused tone of voice.

"I'm trying to smell for one. They have a unique smell about them. That's how I was able to find those other ones. But if you keep quiet for a few minutes, I'll be able to find out if there is anything close by." She surprised me by saying.

She can smell the caves.

Now I have heard of everything. So I stayed quiet like she wanted and a few minutes later as we were walking over rocky ground along the base of some cliffs, she stopped and lifted her head, sniffing the air.

"There is one here, but I'll need your goggles to find it since I found all the others in the day time." She said as she held her hand out to me for the googles without looking at me since she was still looking around, sniffing as she went.

So I watched her in the dark walk further away, before stopping and coming back then to go in another direction.Then she stopped facing the rocks in one area before climbing up about ten feet over some pretty big rocks before I lost sight of her.

Two minutes later, she was back.

"It's a very small opening. But it's big enough for what we need." She was saying as she gave me back the goggles and then turned to show me where to go.

She was right too. It was a tight fit, but I managed it after taking the gear off my back and passing it through the entrance in to her. Then I squeezed myself in after her.

By the time I was fully inside and standing up, the kid had an actual fire starting. She is really resourceful, this kid.

Needless to say, I put a few squirts of dog deterant around the entrance of the cave and then joined the kid who was setting up our camp.

We spent the next few hours quietly talking about all the things we had seen about the compound. The kid was a font of information as I found that her memory was phenomenal.

She even noticed that there was two dogs that had injuries with one of their legs. I'm sure that bit of info might come in handy. I don't know how, but I'm sure it will.

Then after we had something to eat, which wasn't much.. we settled down for a few hours before heading back out again for another look see.

After crawling about the place, taking notice of how many cages there were and how far apart they were, we also noted how many dogs and how many men were sentries.

Noting how often they changed and how many times the dogs came by was also noted. The kid also counted how many steps from one corner of the fence to the next.

It took us forty five minutes to carefully walk the boundary and make it back to where we started.

Once we thought we had enough information, we high tailed it back to our little cave again intending to get a little shut eye for a bit before coming back and looking at it all in the day time. But that will be from a distance and using the binoculars.

So crawling back into our little hidehole, we again talked about what each of us saw and where.

Then I noticed that the kid looked really tired and uncomfortable.

So after making sure that the sleeping bag was bug free, I had her lay down on it. But still seeing that she wasn't comfortable looking, I decided to lay down with her for her to use both my arm for a pillow and my body heat to keep her warm.

Little did I know that it was that comfortable for both us us that we fell asleep that way for the next few hours.

It was dogs barking close by that woke us both up and had us scrambling to make sure they didn't find us.

I squirted some more dog deterent at the entrance of the cave and we also placed some loose rocks to cover the entranceway to make it look like there wasn't a way in.

Then we waited.

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