Part one: What?

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I tired to walk away but Choromatsu grabbed my arm, "(Y/N)! Please don't go! It will be easier to confess to Totoko if you're there with me!"
I gave a groan, "No! It won't. I'll just be in your way. Just leave me alone, damn it."
"I want you to stay!" He said in his high pitch voice, "You're my right hand! You can't just leave!"
"Ew, if you consider me your right hand then now I want to leave more than ever, Chorofappyski."
"Why are you acting like you're pissed off and annoyed? Do you not want me to confess my love?"
I pulled my arm so he would let go, "I don't give a shit if you confess your love to her or whatever! Fuck her for all I care!"
"W-Why are you acting like you're jealous all of a sudden? WAIT! Don't tell me y-y-you're in love with me?!"
I turned around almost kicking his stomach, "God! I wish I had the guts to kick you!"
"S-So is that a yes?"
I put my foot down and sighed, "Think whatever you want. I'm done with you."
"D-Done? Done with what?"
I turned around and scratched my head rapidly, "Ah! I give up!!"

Osomatsu's POV

I walked to Choromatsu, who was just standing there looking like an idiot, "Hey, Choromatsu. What did you tell (Y/N)?" I said with a chuckle.
"Nothing. She just got pissed all of a sudden."
"Nah, you told her something. What is it? Come on you gotta tell me! She's never that pissed off."
Choromatsu sighed, "I asked her if she wanted come with me when I confessed my love to Totoko, but she got pissed off. Do you think she likes me?"
"Wow you didn't know?" I said as I scratched the back of my head.
"You really are an idiot! She's had the biggest crush on you for the longest time. I'm surprised you didn't notice."
"What?! R-Really! W-Wow! Oh my god! Really a girl has a crush on me?! I-I gotta go talk to her now!"
"I doubt she'll want to talk to you, did you not hear her? She's done." I said laughing.
"I-I don't care I have to go talk to her!"
"What about Totoko?"
"Who cares about her!"

Original POV

I sat on the park bench watching people go by, chewing on some gum. It was around six o'clock. Choromatsu was going to confess to Totoko soon. He'd finally be happy, "Man, I wasted so much time on him. I could of been dating Osomatsu for two years now. I'm so stupid."
"Hey. Mind if I sit down with you?"
I looked to my right, "O-Osomatsu! G-God you scared me! I-I don't mind!" I said scooting over.
"Are you okay?"
"Yeah, why do you ask?"
He laughed, "You're pouting."
"I am not!"
"Yes you are," he poked my cheek, "Look at that face! It's so cute!"
"Stop! Y-You're embarrassing me!"
"Heh. You know I actually saw everything. Choromatsu is an idiot, isn't he?"
"Ugh don't talk about him please. I'm so pissed off at him."
"I know you are. So what are you going to give up on him?"
"It's the best thing to do. He already went to go confess his love to Totoko, so what's the point of going for him still?"
"You do realize that Totoko isn't going to accept his feelings right?"
"How are you so sure?"
"If Totoko hasn't gone out with us yet, what makes you think she will now?"
I sighed, "Either way...I give up on Choromatsu. I've had a crush on him for too long. I even rejected someone who was a lot better than he is."
"And who might that be?" He said with a grin.
Shit! Shit! No one else has asked me out! W-What do I say?!
"T-This guy! H-he asked me out last year!"
"Really? Why didn't you tell me?"
"B-Because it's none of your business."
"Hmm. Why don't you tell me who that guy is, I'll go talk to him so he accepts you again."
"Y-You don't have to do that."
He got close to me, "You're really bad at lying."
"H-Huh?! I-I'm not lying!"
He put his hand on my cheek, "If you aren't lying then why are you so nervous, (Y/N)?"
"Y-You're obviously super close t-to me! A-Anyone would be nervous!"
"Hmm. So tell me honestly," he looked straight into my eyes, "Are you going to give up on Choromatsu?"
I started to feel goosebumps because of the look he was giving me. I almost froze before he repeated it again.
"Are you or are you not going to give up on Choromatsu?"
"I-I am! I give up on Choromatsu completely! I don't want this pain anymore!" I yelled and grabbed my head, "H-He's hurt me so much. Always talking about Totoko or that stupid Nya-chan! I'm so sick of it all! He never appreciates anything I do for him..."
Osomatsu gave me a tight hug, "Then that means," he whispered in my ear, "I can make you fall for me?"
"Don't you remember that I confessed to you two years ago?"
"Y-Yeah. I remember."
"I still have those feelings for you (Y/N). I loved you and I still do to this day. I-I want you to be mine."
"L-Love me? B-But why? W-Why me?"
He grin and began rubbing his finger under his nose, "Heh. That's a secret."
"P-Please tell me! I-I want to see what it is you see in me. T-That way-"
He shut me up with a kiss. Life's sounds suddenly went mute, my vision became blurry and I felt my heart fall to my stomach. My first kiss...
"There's no other way to explain my love for you, (Y/N), but with that kiss, did it make you believe how much I love you?"
I stared at his face, he wasn't blushing as much as I was, but still was blushing a bit.
He smiled, "I need to go, about I come see you later tonight?"
"C-Come see me? Why?"
"We still haven't finished talking, right?"
"I-I-I don't know..." I said while looking down.
"Heh. Good bye, babe." He said as he began walking away.
I looked up, "B-Babe?! H-Huh!? I-I'm not your babe! I-I-"
"I'll talk to you later then, beautiful!" He said continuing to walk away.
This idiot...Why didn't I choose him from the start?
I kept watching him walk away when I noticed Choromatsu walking out from a tree. C-Could he have seen all that?!

Osomatsu POV:

"Oye, Choromatsu, let's go home." I said while walking.
"Osomatsu!" Choromatsu yelled as he jumped on me, "Why?! Why did you kiss (Y/N)!"
I turned to him, he was grabbing on to my shirt, crying, "Huh? Because I can."
"Why did you confess to (Y/N)?! W-Why?! I asked you to help me win her not lose her!"
"Look. She gave up on you already, I saw my opportunity and I took it. Besides (Y/N) isn't a second choice!"
"What are you talking about?"
I grabbed Choromatsu by his jacket collar, "You were making (Y/N) your fucking second choice! I wasn't going to accept that!"
"S-Second choice?! No I wasn't! I was going to confess to her instead!"
"What about Totoko huh? How can you say you love (Y/N) if you still have a thing for her?!" I yelled and made a fist, wanting to punch him in the face.
Choromatsu pushed me, "I don't believe she rejected me! I-I'm going to go see for myself!"
"Go ask her for yourself. She loves me, not you!"
"Yeah right. Why would she love someone like you?"
"That's what I kept asking myself when she had a thing for you."

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