Chapter 70: Blood and Ash

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I cannot believe we have made it this far.

Thank you all so very much for everything! I cannot honestly thank you enough for being so encouraging and inspiring; I legit have dreams on how I can make this better, do better, because I can't stand letting you all down.

With that being said, please read the long ass authors note at the end :)

Song of the chapter is "In The Air Tonight" by Phil Collins. If you time it right and get where the drums go nuts right when they touch the tree, it is suppperrrr intense.



I eyed Ethan curiously as he gave me an innocent shrug. "Come on love, I've heard mud bath's are very popular." I rolled my eyes and nodded. He didn't realize how true such words really were. "Shift first babe."

I nodded. I walked away from the mud then jumped into my shift, ripping his shirt that I had been wearing. I landed and shook my fur out then looked over at the tattered remains. Ethan was just chuckling at me as he walked over to me.

My wolf yipped at him as he approached us. He ran his fingers through my fur, drawing a purr from my lips. A purr that seemed to be one of the only sounds we made all day with him. He was insatiable our mate, and we by no means were going to complain.

I started to walk towards the mud pit when the bond swirled as tingles sent shivers across my side. Ethan rubbed his length against me then nuzzled my neck. My wolf purred and nuzzled him back. She loved our male, our mate, as did I.

Ethan trotted forward then threw himself in the mud pit. He rolled around and coated his fur with the thick concoction before looking up to me a playfully. Evan groaned. "Really you two?"

I let out a wolf laugh and shook my head before running a step then jumping in after Ethan. I rolled and rolled and rolled in it until I felt like I had coated myself enough, but apparently, that wasn't good enough for Ethan. Ethan nipped at me, tripping me, then used his paws to push mud against my fur.

My wolf let out a growl of annoyance. She turned and went to nip at him, but missed. He eyed us playfully and started to roll again, which only made my beast feel more mischievous. She stood up and started to stalk over to him when Evan coughed loudly.

"Guys, really? I'm standing literally right here."

Ethan let out a huff then stood up and looked back at his brother apologetically. "Ready sunshine?"

"Let's go," I replied before walking to him.

"Evan stay here. Call Lyanna, it could be a long night."

Evan sighed and nodded to us before stepping back around and walking towards the house. I walked up to Ethan and nudged my muddy head against his. "Let's get this over with," I sighed out.

He nodded and leaped forward with me in tow. We ran hard towards the tree. A run that I already knew the way to, dreadfully knew the way to.

It was weird running with all this mud on my fur, but according to Ethan and Evan, it would hide our scent. While I believed them, I won't lie, running in this gunk was kind of gross. Ethan would eye me every now and then, checking on me, admiring me, and flickering his eyes lustfully at me. It gave me shivers even under this mud-caked fur.

Soon we got closer though, we got closer to the tree. I knew because I could hear it. I heard it call to us, whisper to us.

"Come and see," it called to us.

"See," it whispered again.

Ethan skidded to a halt and looked at me with wide eyes. "What the hell?"

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