Animal Speed facts

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1. The fastest bird in the world is a peregrine falcon (max recorded airspeed: 389 k/h)

2. The fastest invertebrate is a horsefly (max recorded speed 145 k/h)

3. The fastest reptile is a bearded dragon (max recorded speed: 40 k/h)

4. The fastest fish is a black Marlin (max speed recorded: 129 k/h)

5. The fastest mammal is a cheetah (max speed: 109.4 - 120.7 k/h)

6. The slowest invertebrate is the banana slug (average speed: 0.000023 m/s)

7. The slowest bird is a woodcock (5m/h)

8. The slowest fish is a seahorse (0.001 m/h)

9. The slowest mammal is the three-toed sloth ( 0.15 m/h)

10. The slowest reptile is the giant Galapagos tortoise (1.6 km/h)

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