Chapter 69: Ziti for Breakfast

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New chapter! Love you all so very much! We hit 100k.......

I literally teared up guys, I cannot even begin to describe how it feels and how thankful I am.

Song of the chapter is "To Be Alone" by Hozier, I'm on a Hozier kick right now.

BTW, we get to jump inside Ethan's brain. *Swoonnssss




"Alright Ev, why don't you both come back here tonight. You and I can fix up that mud. You move Lyanna into our cabin?"

Evan nodded. "Hope that's alright?"

I nodded with a sleepy half-smile. "It is. I'll come clean out my room eventually."

"Key word 'eventually'" Ryder snickered. I let out a warning growl while Char rolled her eyes.

Evan sighed and knocked on the island. "Alright, we'll let you know if there's anything new between now and tonight. Also call Levi, he wanted to talk to you when you had a, um, free moment brother."

Char blushed as Ryder started to chuckle. I grumbled out a few curse words as Evan held up his hands in surrender as he started to walk towards the door with Ryder on his tail. "Just don't ruin the other good couches in the house Ev, I want that brown one!"

Evan growled lowly to me then let out a huff before he stepped out the door and shifted. Ryder laughed and nodded approvingly at me before he clicked the door shut then followed after Ev.

Char sighed then pulled away from me before walking to the refrigerator and opening it. She was standing on her toes with her bottom lip between her teeth. My shirt was almost like a tent for her body, yet as she lifted onto her toes to see what Ryder had stocked in there, it started to tease me as it raised up.

I smiled into my coffee as I took a sip. This had to be what heaven was like. With her.

"What ya looking for babe?"

"Breakfast," she mused a bit as she crinkled her nose. "Hey, Ethan?"

"Mmm?" I took a sip of my coffee cup, cocking my head to see if I could spot the perfect little crease of where her ass met her legs from under my shirt.

"Is challenging someone here the same as it is at Tikanni?" She asked while she pulled a foil pan of something out.

"Yes, minus a few details but for the most part yes. Although I wish our laws said that I could just go lay his ass out," I almost growled out. As much as I wanted to rip him apart and string his intestines like Christmas lights around the pack house, I knew as well as anyone else that there were laws and procedures; there for a good reason to ensure the pack's safety and health.

She opened the lid off a tray and looked at me with those stormy blue eyes that I was pretty sure I would kill for. "How does baked ziti sound for breakfast?"

I cocked my head at her amusingly. "Good, but not as you as you would be for breakfast sunshine."

She flushed a little then gave me a mock scowl. "Later," she said as she turned to preheat the oven.

I sighed and slid onto a barstool that mismatched the only other one on the other side of the island. Mostly because when Eli bought them he didn't realize he ordered two different ones. Idiot. My beast and I chuckled inwardly at the memory at how pissed he was when he pulled out the pieces and realized what he did.

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