Chapter 11 Waiting

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Was he truly gone? He might have been sent to some far unknown place. But what I have heard from Chris, he could of found a way out and was still trying to find the truth about the Queen. By this time I was getting myself all worked up. Why was I worrying Chris told me in his letter that the officers took him away, somewhere far and for good. I put the book down that I hadn't even opened on my bed and sat up and looked out of the window again. I needed not worry about all this. I should trust Chris and the castle and believe them. But something in the back of my mind told me to be careful.

There was knock on the door and all the thoughts about the uncle vanished from my mind. I turned to see Brie smiling at me.

"Hello Brie."

She smiled, "you didn't have to leave me you know. I came to ask you something. Please don't tell anyone about Nathan. It would be out of my place to like anyone like him. But I don't care what people think, but still it needs to say in the dark for now. If you know what I mean?"

"yes I understand Brie. Would you like to take a walk with me? The castle is getting a bit too busy and I think I could use some fresh air."

Brie looked at me and turned and opened the door and we walked and chatted around the gardens ones again.

Brie was smelling some pretty flowers when I said, "Chris is coming early."

She turned and looked at me, "oh ok cool. When?"

"I don't know any day. I guess."

"That is nice."

We were both quite for a long time it seemed, then all of a sudden Bear came up out of know where.


We both turned and bowed and said, "yes?"

"it's lunch time."

Brie smiled, "You will be able to eat this meal Bella." I laughed remembering this morning and all that food.

We walked not to the dining hall as I thought we were going but we walked around to the other side of the castle where there was a table and chairs set out with fruits, breads, cheeses and some cold cuts of meat. Everyone for the royal family was sitting and talking. The twins were playing with a ball and eating some kind of bread. I smiled at them and they waved and smiled at me.

It was a very beautiful place where we were sitting. The table was under four beautiful oak trees that seem very old. There leaves were just changing to reddish and yellow colour. They were just falling and making pills around the area. The twins were now kicking the leaves and they were falling into the pills. It seemed out of this world. Sitting at a beautiful handmade oak table with chairs eating beautiful food sitting with people that I never dreamed ever to meet and know. Everyone acted so normal around me and I felt like I was one of them. It was nice to feel like I was at home. It hit me that I didn't miss home at all this was home and now I knew it.

Brie smiled at me and said, "See I knew you could eat these food. We have a lighter meal between breakfast and dinner. So that we aren't full at dinner time, you will know what I mean when we have dinner. The kitchen brings out everything."

"I can't wait."

I looked around the table when a young man said something to me. "So Miss Bella I hear that you like horses?"

I looked at him and knotted, "yes I do."

"Well we have some of the most beautifies stables around the valleys. Maybe Bear and Brie would want to go for a ride sometime soon while you are here. The mounts and hillsides around here are beautiful."

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