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39. Party Time

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For the first time since we'd arrived, I felt relaxed.  I mean completely relaxed.

I smiled up at Jay as we danced.  "I love you Jay Williams."  I whispered and watched his smile grow as his eyes sparkled. 

"And I love you Mia Campbell.  You are one hell of an impressive woman."  His lips met mine in a tender kiss.

"Impressive huh?"  I asked teasingly.

"Very."  He confirmed.  "And beautiful, and sexy, and confident, and caring and so much more Mia.  You're everything rolled into one tiny little package."

"I've never felt this way before Jay.  I've never felt so loved, so comforted, so protected....so fucking good when you do that thing."  I added and he laughed.

"Which reminds me babe, we need to find a quiet corner."  He whispered and I felt my body come alive.

We found a spot, maybe not as secluded as we'd have liked, but that just added to our drunken excitement.

Jay pushed me against the wall, his body against mine, his lips against mine as he kissed me deeply.

His mouth and tongue trailed along my jaw and down my neck, where he sucked on me, marking me as his.

His fingers brushed against my nipples before he began to unbutton my shirt, his eyes now focussed on mine.

"I need to see you baby." He whispered and I drew in excited breaths as he pushed my shirt back on my shoulders, the front of my body totally exposed.

His eyes roamed me before his hands cupped my face and his lips brushed against mine.

"You're so fucking beautiful Mia." He whispered before taking my mouth deeper, his tongue exploring my mouth as I explored his.

His hands trailed down my arms until his fingers locked with mine and he raised my arms above my head.

"Keep them here." He murmured as he knelt down in front of me and pushed my skirt up until it bunched around my waist.

He moved back slightly and I whimpered as I watched his eyes, the look of lust that was purely reserved for me.

"You smell so good babe." He said as he lazily ran his tongue over my clit, causing me to cry out his name as my fingers tangled in his hair.

"Uh uh babe, arms up." He groaned as I drew my hands over my stomach, then my breasts, along my neck and back up where he wanted them. "Too fucking sexy."

I felt his warm breath on my hard bud seconds before the warmth of his tongue. His fingers dug into my hips as he licked me over and over before drawing me into his mouth.

"Fuck Jay." I cried as I tried to push myself against his face, his grip tightening on my hips as he held me in place.

"Don't fucking move Mia." He growled against me and my body shuddered.

I felt him smile and he spread my legs, 2 fingers easily sliding inside.

"You're fucking drenched babe." He said as his fingers moved in and out.

"I think you like being naughty Mia, I think you like having your body exposed around the corner from a room full of people." I moaned and he chuckled.

"Tell me babe, what turns you on more, the thought of getting caught? Or the knowledge that you get so lost in me touching your pretty little cunt, that you wouldn't even notice?"

"All of it Jay, nothing...everything. I just need you to touch me."

Jay drew my clit into his mouth and growled, my insides clenched around his fingers and sparks exploded behind my eyes

And then his mouth was on mine, my taste on his tongue as it entered my mouth, his pulsing cock lined up at my entrance, his fingers in mine.

"Open your eyes baby." He demanded and I moaned as they met his dark green ones. "Do you want my cock?" He asked as he teased me with it.

"Yes, oh god yes Jay. Please?" I begged and threw my head back as he roughly entered me, his lips sucking at my fleshy breast.

He held my wrists in one hand as he moved the other down to pull on my clamps, lightly at first but then harder.

"You need more of these babe." He whispered as he drew his tongue over each nipple. "More nipple jewellery" he said as he tugged the chain "and more cunt jewellery." He finished as he moved his hand down and rubbed my clit.

"Yes...yes." I cried as my body began to shake. "Babe, I'm...." I panted as he withdrew all but his head and slammed back into me. "Oh. Fuck yes." I screamed.

Jays hands were back on my hips, his fingers biting into me as he fucked me hard and fast, his teeth tugging the chain attached to my clamps.

Instinctively, I brought my hands down and held his shoulders, my nails biting into his flesh as he hissed out his breaths.

"That's it baby girl, show me how good it feels." He encouraged as I drew my nails over his chest. My mouth gripped onto the skin between his neck and collarbone and I marked him. Not once, not twice, but many times.

"You're mine Jay Williams." I moaned between each mark. "You're fucking mine and everyone needs to know it."

"Getting possessive baby?" He teased as he pushed against that spot inside that makes me scream in pleasure.

"Too right, I'm fucking yours Mia Campbell. And I'm the only one that gets to touch your beautiful body, taste your pouty lips and that fucking incredible juice you release for me. I'm yours baby and you're fucking mine."

Three hard thrusts was all it took until we were clinging to each other, finding our powerful release in each other's arms.

I was pinned against the wall, Jays hard body holding me in place as we fought to catch a breath.

"Jesus fucking Christ!"  Jay groaned and I nodded in agreement. "You fucking drive me crazy." He murmured as he pulled back to see my face.

"How does it keep getting better?" I asked and he laughed as he kissed me.

"Fucked if I know babe, but I'm not complaining. But I did forget one thing." He admits and I looked at him confused. "Your stockings are sexy as fuck." He smirked.

Megan gave us a knowing look as we walked back into the room, faces flushed and smiles big as I excused myself and made my way to the bathroom to freshen up.

Jay handed me a champagne when I returned and gave me a quick kiss on the lips.

"I was beginning to think you'd left." Megan commented as she made her way over.

"Um no, I just needed some fresh air." I lied and sipped my champagne, as Jay smirked.

"You're horrible at lying Mia." Megan said and her and Jay laughed when I blushed.

Amanda and Tim were making the rounds, thanking everyone before they set off on their honeymoon in the morning.

Jay and Megan teased them while Rob and I laughed.

"It really was great to meet you Mia, and once again I'm so sorry for everything that happened this week."

"Forget about it Amanda, that's what I plan on doing. Oh, not your wedding. I wouldn't forget that. No, I wouldn't. It was great. And lovely, and..." I stopped when Jay started laughing and gave Amanda a bright smile. "Sorry, I do that sometimes."

"I hope to see you soon."  She said as she hugged me.

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