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Rain was pouring down outside as Estella watched it from inside of the great hall. She then heard a voice that didn't even take a second to figure out who it was that was speaking. With a roll of her eyes, she looked over to see Pansy Parkinson hooked onto Draco Malfoy's arm.

"It's such a shame that you can't play today," Pansy exaggerated.

"Yes, well at least I still have an arm. Otherwise my quidditch days would be over forever," Malfoy replied.

By the time the two were out of earshot, Estella rolled her eyes again and turned to the boy sitting next to her.

"I swear, my tolerance level for him is about to hit it's peak," Estella stated.

Cedric laughed before taking another bite of his food.

"Well, at least we get to play the first game of the season," he said smiling. Estella's mood instantly changed as she smiled back.

"Are you ready Mr. Prefect, Hufflepuff captain and seeker?" Estella teased.

"Ready as I'll ever be," he replied.

Estella was walking to the Ravenclaw common room after watching the quidditch match between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. Gryffindor had won when Harry Potter caught the golden snitch.

While walking through the halls, she noticed a boy walking with his head down in disappointment and concentration. He wore yellow quidditch robes that indicated that he was one of the Hufflepuff players. Estella thought about saying something to him but also didn't want to bother him. She gathered up her confidence and stopped as she was about to pass him.

"Hey!" She said.

The boy stopped walking and turned towards the girl. He said nothing but had an expression that told Estella that she had his attention.

"I just wanted to say that you guys did good," Estella smiled.

"Thanks, but didn't you just see that we lost?" The boy replied awkwardly.

"Yeah but you guys tried. In my opinion, it'd be worse to lose to Ravenclaw because then just 'trying' wouldn't have been enough," Estella said.

The boy laughed.

"Of course you'd say that about your own house team."

"Nope, just stating the truth."

The two stood there in an awkward silence that lasted for a second until Estella said, "I'm just kidding."

"You're funny. I'm Cedric Diggory," the boy said sticking out his hand.

"I'm Estella Raney," she replied, shaking his hand.

It was raining harder by the time the match started. Estella and Padma were wearing raincoats while standing in the stands. The two cheered on their best friend and the rest of the Hufflepuff team.

Despite the rain that was making it hard for everyone to see, Estella could make out Cedric heading towards the snitch. Soon after, she saw Harry Potter follow. She started cheering harder for Cedric. By now, everyone in the stands were cheering on the two. Anticipation grew inside each person as they got closer and closer to the snitch.

Then, Estella noticed Harry looking down. Shortly after, he started to fall. About a hundred dementors were looking up at the boy. By the time everyone noticed, Professor Dumbledore was running onto the field waving his wand towards Harry. The falling boy started falling a bit slower before he hit the ground. Then Dumbledore waved his wand at the dementors, making silver stuff shoot out of the tip. With that, the dementors fled. Estella looked up to see Cedric coming down with the snitch in his hands and a worried look on his face. Once he landed on the ground, he started walking towards Oliver Wood. He was saying something to him that Estella couldn't make out due to the rain that was still pouring. She looked back at Harry to see him being carried off on a stretcher towards the school.

"Okay everyone, the match is over," Lee Jordan's voice echoed shakily throughout the field.

That was everyone's dismissal to go back to the school. Estella and Padma rushed out of the stands to get to the locker rooms. Once arriving, they waited for Cedric to come out.

When he did, he looked tired.

"I tried to offer Wood a rematch, but he wouldn't budge. Said we won fair and square," was the first thing the boy said.

"Well, that was nice of you," Padma said.

"I don't even know what happened. One minute we're racing towards the snitch. I happen to catch it, but then I look down and see Harry on the ground," Cedric said, shaking his head.

"It was the dementors. He caught one look at them and just started falling," Estella replied.

The three started walking through the halls, not particularly going anywhere.

"I just feel bad, you know?" Cedric broke the silence.

"There was nothing you could do, the rain was coming down too hard for anyone to see or hear anything. You shouldn't be so hard on yourself," Estella said.

"I know. I just hope he's okay," Cedric replied.

"Didn't you guys hear? People are saying he's dead," spoke the voice of Draco Malfoy. The Slytherin and his two followers were walking behind the three.

"Why would you even say something like that?" Estella said stopping and turning around toward the boy.

"You didn't hear the cracks of his bones?" Malfoy asked.

"No because nobody could hardly hear anything. Plus, Professor Dumbledore casted a spell to slow him down," Estella answered.

"You think you know everything, don't you, Raney?" He snarled.

"No I don't actually, but I know what I saw and I bet you Harry is going to walk out of that hospital wing with no broken bones. Unlike you, getting a minor injury then trying to get people to believe that you almost broke to pieces because of it," Estella shot back.

"I'm sorry, were you there when I got injured?" Draco edged on.

"It doesn't matter if I was there or not-"

"Then why are you bringing it up?"


"Sounds like you've put an awful lot of thought into this, Raney."

By this time, Estella was fuming.

"Malfoy, walk away before I punch you," she said calmly the best she could.

"You've threatened to punch me a lot, Raney. Yet, you haven't fulfilled those words."

Estella had the last straw. She pulled back her arm with her hand forming a fist. She was about to swing her arm before she felt two pairs of hands pull her body back. The three Slytherins started laughing.

"Such a waste of time," Malfoy said as he started walking away.

When the three were out of sight, Padma and Cedric looked back at Estella. She was still worked up but was trying to calm down.

"You guys should've let me. You know everyone wants to do it or have it happen," Estella said as the two friends let her go.

"Yeah but he's not worth getting detention over," Padma replied.

"I've never seen you so angry," Cedric slightly laughed.

"Me neither," Padma added laughing.

The three started laughing all together.

"I swear if I could, I'd send him to the furthest galaxy away from here."

A/N: I hope this was better. Idk man, after the last two chapters my writing confidence went downnnnn. Either way, thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed and continue reading :)

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