Chaper 2

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Riley came to lunch and sat by maya hey peaches how's your day been good riles farkle came thur the door to look for you he wanted to tell you something oh um thanks for telling me hey riles me and smackle are going to the mall wanna go um to get some new shoes yea sure why wouldn't I go last time I ask you said that you didn't wanna go because you were going to the movies with farkle plus smackle is really worried about farkle he has been avoiding her lately and he has hung out with you all the time speaking of smackle she is coming hey Riley and maya change the plan were going to the club Saturday and I invited the boys you guys in or out I'm in riles you in yea I'm in for sho plus me and farkle are going to have sex there when we get drunk WHAT!!! riles calm down you ack like he is your boyfriend yea he's only mine and will be mine forever not for long Riley mumble under her mouth the boys came and sat at the table with the girls and smackle was sitting on farkle lap Riley got angry and left the table then they ask wats her problem umm maybe she didn't get enough sleep last night you know wat I'm saying lying zay go talk to her maybe she need a shoulder to cry on umm ok wait farkle didn't you want to talk to her about something yea I forgot about that thanks maya you are a great friend smackle why do you need to talk to her she was just mad when I told her that me and farkle are going to have sex smackle what she is not your boyfriend and she doesn't have the right to get mad farkle may me lucus and zay have a talk to you in private please um yea sure ok wats up with riles she's been late to school been avoiding us lately and spending more time with you and has been jealous of you and smackle and y'all two are keeping a secret from us fine you got us I'm been cheating on smackle with Riley please don't get mad or tell her please wow farkle wow we're not mad and were not going to tell her now go talk to yo little girlfriend thanks guys you the best he left to find Riley

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