Mommy~ 1 •Step mom to mommy?•

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I hope I write it long enough for a first chapter enjoy!

Chapter one

Onika pov

Hey I'm onika and I like pink and I'm a girly girl and I'm 18 years old I'm homeschooled. But it's summer.


I got out of bed.Once again my daddy is calling me.

I went into his room and put an innocent smile on my face.

"Yes daddy?"

He looked at me and smiled.

"I want you To go and fetch me something to eat and when you get back there is a suprise and it's a big one."

I nod my head.

"Yes sir."

I leave out of his room and grab my keys to my car and head out the front door.

I got it for my 16 birthday but I never really drove anywhere but my dad is rich so yeah.

I went and got the food and came back to the house.

When I opened the door I saw this lady.

When I opened the door I saw this lady

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Onika:Daddy what is she doing here?

(John is the name of onika dad)

John:she's like your mom

The lady put out her hand for me to shake.

Beyoncé: hello I'm beyonce I've heard your name is onika.
Onika: hi

I said putting on a fake smile.

Beyoncé : you look like a doll it's cute.

Onika: thank you

I can tell this bitch is gonna get on my nerves.

I went up to my room to take a shower.

Beyoncé pov

Hey I'm beyonce and I'm 25 .Onikas dad wanted me to be her mom because he said that he couldn't control her innocence and attitude. me and her dad are not dating tho but Onika thinks it.

Onika is an innocent little girl and I like that.But under that I could see a lot of attitude.

I went to her room to see her in the shower wow she's beautiful.I have had past relationships with girls but they weren't legit.

I sat on her bed waiting to talk to her.

She came out naked and screamed when she saw me.

Onika: Beyonce!!! Why are you in here?!!
Beyonce: I wanted to get to know you
Onika: I don't want to know you now go away!!
Beyonce: little girl
Onika: correction I'm not little
Beyonce: yes you are

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