The Secrets

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"Father, I've spotted him, he doesn't seem to be on alert though, I've found him in a park, with a human woman in new york, she has his scent and I think he might have marked her." I answered the questions quickly as my Father asked them. We had been searching for the my brother for about three years now and every time we get glimpse of him he's gone again.

"Make sure you don't lose him, we need him to come back home and take over my place as King. And sweetheart, stay safe, I need you back here as well" My father the King demanded before hanging up on me. I sighed and closed my phone, before putting it in my pocket and looking around for the prince. The woman and him were gone.

"Dammit!" I cursed under my breath before taking off in the direction I saw them walk in.

"You know, he's smarter than you think." A male voice called out from afar. I looked to my left to see that It was a man, who smelled of werewolf and I wanted him.

"Who are you?" I glared not giving into him so easily.

"The question is, who are you my dear?" He asked swiftly making his way over to me and sniffing at my neck.

"How do you know him?' I asked ignoring his advances.

"I'm a close friend and guardian of his mate. Your turn." He said slowly circling me, making his scent known.

"My brother finally found his mate?" I gasped then smirked as he froze in front of me.

"You are princess Mina then, I'm Jeffery." He smiled brightly at me, causing my knees to feel like jelly.

"Yes, that woman is she really my brother's mate?" I asked trying to get more from the good news.

"Yes she is and she isn't just any human woman, she is one of the Protected.

"The protected, I thought they were extinct!" I was shocked to even know that they even existed. I remembered reading about them in one of the large books in the Library at home;

The Protected:

A special breed human that is born with wolf like abilities. They are granted their abilities from the Luna after their seventeenth birthday. These higher humans are to be held dearly for they are the keepers of the secrets that many wish to know. ........

I remember it going something along those lines. I practically jumped with joy at the thought of knowing an actual protected, Father will also be proud to know that we have one in our family again.

"Would you mind telling me why you just suddenly appeared out of nowhere?" I asked looking at my newly found mate.

"Well, I've been checking up on my friend as a natural routine, weather she's with someone or not, what about you" He asked pulling the hat off my head sending my brown hair tumbling to my shoulders.

"Trying to bring my brother back home, he has a habit of doing illegal underground fight, street fighting, street racing and so on. Maybe now that he's found his mate he will calm down." I sighed giving up on looking for him at the moment.

"I know where they went and they will be fine, so let us get better acquainted my mate."  Jeffery held my hand in his and led me away to wherever he wanted to take me.


"Is there something you want to tell me about you, besides everything?" I asked as we sat in the living room watching T.V

"Not at the moment no, why?" I looked down at the coffee table then up into the hazel eyes that I had grown so fond of.

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