Hidden Gem - The New Beginning

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 An Introduction on Hidden Gems:

Hidden Gems are Wattpad novels that have yet to be truly discovered, with minimal reads, votes and comments. Most of these are excellent, and truly deserve to be noticed some more. Each month I will find a Hidden Gem, read it and give you a review with an interview with the author!


This month’s hidden gem is The New Beginning by Wattpad author Autumnbunnyxo (this section is dedicated to her). Her novel is a paranormal teen fiction which opens us to a whole new world. A world with a half breed species that we know nothing about. Interested yet? Read the current description below:

Jason Nightshade and his younger sister Fayth never expected their life to be anything exciting. But as they meet daring Auzala Blue who insists their lives are in danger, they must trust her and her brother as they fight for their lives and the way they knew it. But the more they fight, the less they're certain they'll make it out alive. Join them as secrets unravel, love betrays, and they face loss they never knew existed as they take on the biggest struggle they will ever encounter.

I also spoke with the author, asking her a few questions which are listed below!

What inspired the idea of your story?

Well, my inspiration was a lot of the books I have read in the past years and a dream I recently had a few days before writing it. Most of the books that I happen to read usually involve going after a bad guy to try and defeat an evil plan that he has to destroy something or someone. And sometimes, the person that is going after them has something they need in order to do that. Mixing that up with my dream, it came out as this whole other race of these unknown people with the rare half-breeds, having their own battle against each other.

Are any of the characters influenced by someone you know or another fictional character?

Honestly, most of my characters bring in different personalities of separate people that I have encountered. Sometimes I do happen to bring in some traits from my favorite character in a book I may be reading at the time. I try to avoid doing that as much as I can, and try to make the characters my own. Sometimes it’s necessary though to get a good foundation to build on to bring the characters alive.

What inspired you to write in the first place? Is it just a hobby, or something more?

Growing up, I always seemed to enjoy the time in class we took to write and learn about putting together sentences and all that fun stuff. I finally dedicated to writing when I was about ten, making it my full time hobby. Like, that was all I wanted to do. I would get yelled at by my teachers to pay attention because I would be writing during their lesson when I had an idea I didn't want to lose. It's also a way to vent out my feelings and to express a message to people who may be going through hard times. I'm not quite sure the message to this book yet, but I know I will definitely get one in there.

Have any tricks on getting past writer’s block?

Oh, lovely writers block. It has always been my worst enemy in the world. I have not yet found a great trick to get passed it, but when I do get it, I kind of start writing a rough draft of the chapter. Slowly start out with the beginning, putting out some dialogue, some character actions until I find something that I can work with and slowly move from there. It just ends up being a big mess which is why I have many errors within it.

Any rituals while writing? (A certain location, a certain song, etc.)

My main and most important ritual I have that I cannot write without, is having chocolate right next to me. Chocolate just helps me focus in a way I have never experienced before with anything else. Sometimes I laugh at myself about it, having this huge bar of chocolate on the table and having the household look at me like I've lost my mind. As crazy as it may sound, it helps a lot.

If you could’ve created any paranormal creature that’s famous (like vampires, werewolves, witches, ghosts, etc.) what would it be?

I honestly have to say ghosts would be my choice for creating a famous paranormal creature. You got to admit, they're pretty cool, creepy, and scary. Like, you just have no idea what their intentions are. Are they going to hurt you, help you, ask for you to do something for them? They're just these unpredictable spirits that can give you so many emotions and feel so many things that you can't feel with anything else.

**To check out her story, click on the external link!

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