Tips for Writing the Supernatural Genre!

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.Tips and Tricks For Your Next Supernatural FanFic

Supernatural, the heartbreaking and side splitting show it is has captivated our attention for years. So it's understandable as a writer, in fan fiction especially to be fascinated by the thought of continuing the brothers story with your own twists and unique characters. But I think we can all agree, it's just a chance to bring back the characters we miss so dearly and even write in their shoes for a day or two.

Although, I must confess that no matter how many times I'm left screaming at the tv as the finally credits role, wondering what could be going through Kripke's head to do such a thing, I find common ground.  I think we can all agree the death toll has hit an all time high this season, with enough devastation to flood a room with tears. Especially after the mid-season finale, but it also can stand as a reminder to the fans having difficulty writing a book with the qualities of this deviously manipulative show we've grown to love.

Having been writing my own Supernatural fan fiction for the past few months I've learned there really is no limits to what you can write. Supernatural after all has gone from killer clowns to suicidal teddy bears. You can't get any crazier than that. So don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new that's never seen before by the SPN fandom. I find those are the best stories in general.

I'm all for someone fitting their character into scenarios that have already happened if it's done cleanly, but I also like to read something new. An adventure Sam and Dean have yet to encounter. That way I get to experience the fast paced and laughable moments of the show in a whole new way. You may just find me screaming at the computer by the end of the chapter.

Another big thing I like to see when people bring the world to life, is all the different genres. Supernatural can range from horror, to paranormal, to comedy and lets not forget romance. Although, I'm sure Sam would like to forget considering how well all his love interests have turned out in the past. I may have taken that to far, but it's true. Romance can make or break a book for me. As a reader I'm a sucker for sappy, sure. But I'm not one for the whole book being centered around a love story. It's the odd books I find with unique relationships that encourage me to read on.

I've read supernatural fan fiction where Sam and Dean have a lost sibling, or take in a damaged hunter. Those are the interesting reads, the ones that grab my attention. In a story where anything is possible with these characters it doesn't hurt to be creative and do something no one else has thought of.  

Most of all, don't lose sight of what you're writing. It may seem overwhelming with character development and thickening plot, but remember to come back to the roots from time to time. Just like the show, they've moved on from the basics of hunting, but from time to time they come back to what started it all. The same goes with writing. Don't be afraid to resort back to what  the show is all about, saving people, hunting things, the family business.

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