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"Yup, you've broken your ankle." The doctor said as he observed my ankle for a while more.

My mother and Brad were on each side of the bed comforting me. My mother clutched my hand a little too hard and it wasn't helping with the pain in my ankle at all.

Dillon probably felt out of place. He was on side of my mom and kind of just staring at my ankle with this weird expression on his face.

"She may have to have surgery." The doctor said.

"Oh god." My mother wailed.

"It's for the better." The doctor replied. "And then we can put a cast on her ankle to take weight off of it. The bone will heal in about six weeks."

"So when will the surgery be?" Mom let go of my hand and faced the doctor.

He looked about in his 40's with a five o'clock shadow and little sad looking eyes, but a friendly smile.

"We could get her im here in tomorrow." He replied.

My mom sighed.

"We're going to have to put a splint on her for now." I watched the doctor write something down a sheet of paper and hand it to her.

Wow my ankle hurt really bad.

Dillon POV

I watched as Brad muttered sorry to her for the 10th time this evening. The drive back was awkward because clearly we all knew something happened between Brad and Cait but neither of them were telling. I just knew something was up.

He probably pushed her or something.

"Could you boys please hold Cait up and help her inside? I doubt my frail body could even attempt it."

"Yes of course!" Brad literally ran at the idea of helping her and making her mother think he was just a piece of gold.

What an ass kisser.

I got on the left side of her and Brad on the right and he easily helped her into her house. We sat her on her bed and I turned to walk out.

"Thank you guys." She said softly.

I nodded my head and turned to leave.

"Wait Cait, could I talk to you?" I heard Brad said.

"Not right now, I just really want to rest." She answered.

"Please? Just for a minute." He pushed on.

"Dude. She said no." I intervened.

Brad huffed angrily and stomped past me.

"See you later." I started walking away but I turned and looked at her

"Um... good luck on your ankle." I said quickly.

Where did that even come from?

"Thank I guess..." Cait eyed widened as if she was confused as to why I wished her any good.

I was confused too.

Cait's POV

I sighed in relief when I saw my two best friends walk into my bedroom.

"Omg Cait! Are you okay?" Beth yelped when she saw me.

"You dumby she broke her ankle!" Devon slapped her arm.

"I'm just asking!" Beth huffed and shoved Devon.

"Ok guys don't start." I warned them.

"Sorry." They muttered at the same time.

"Anyway, I am in a lot of pain... Can one of you please go get me a bag of ice?" I whimped as I moved my leg over a bit.

Devon ran downstairs to get me ice and Beth helped me get my ankle under one of my pillows.

"Tell us what happened." Devon said as he sat the bag of ice on my ankle gently. Beth was twirling in my desk chair and Devon said on my stool on the other side of my room.

I sighed and told them everything. Starting from how Brad and I were at the park randomly and how he accidentally pushed me off the monkey bar.

"How dumb could he be to not be careful on those money bars? They're really tall." Beth said as she kicked her feet back and forth and twirled like a child.

"It's not really his fault." I bit my lip and looked at my hand.

Just then my mother walked in.

"Hey sweetie. Hey Devon and Beth. How are you guys?" She smiled warmly.

"Good." They both said and smiled.

She looked over at me and gave me a sad smile and sat down on my bed next to me.

"How are you feeling?" My mother asked.

I shrugged, but I really wanted to say was, "I miss my dad."

In times like this I really need him. He would tell me funny stories to get my mind off of the pain.

"Here, I brought you some pain medication." She grabbed a water bottle on my night stand and handed it to me and also two pain pills.

"Thank you." I gave her a small smile.

"Well I'm out now." My mom kissed my forehead and waved goodbye to my friends.

I really need to make a diary entry about all of this.

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