A Sly Cheeky Brat Part 13

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19th September 2016 All Rights Reserved.

Not Edited.

Knox's POV...

If anyone had said that I would be finding myself nearly thirty feet up a tree with a pretty little blonde snuggling up to me, I would call them all liars.

But that's the situation I found myself in as of this moment after grabbing the kid into my arms after she had seen her father for the first time after assuming that he was dead.

I don't know how long I had been holding her before I felt her totally relaxing against my chest. Hearing her breathing soften and even out also told me that the kid was having a nap.

So I decided that even though it was a bit uncomfortable at the moment with the position we were in, I wasn't going to move till the kid had enough rest before we continued on.

I don't think we were going to make the camp we were aiming for tonight either. So that left us with the uncomfortable choice of where to hunk down for the night.

But I didn't need to worry about it much when the kid stirred from her nap half an hour later.

So making sure we were both okay, I lowered the kid with some of the gear to the ground after making sure that the coast was clear. Then I lowered myself while leaving my pack attached to the other end of the rope.

Once I was on the ground, I lowered my pack to the ground and once it was at my feet, I tugged the rope which had been loosely thrown over a branch which then slithered through the branches like a snake to fall at my feet.

Then coiling it up, I wrapped it across my shoulders and then picked up my pack and slung it onto my back and after making sure that the kid was okay, I looked at her to see that she was looking in the direction that her father had taken.

Since it was another piece of a puzzle we weren't expecting, I looked at the kid and then started walking off, following the foot prints that was taking us into the unknown to where her father was.

Just before the sun went down, we heard a few voices up a head and hunkered down behind some shrubs to see what was happening up ahead.

We saw the same men who had all been sitting around a fire all climb into a couple of ATV's and head off in a westerly direction. Not exactly heading back the way that the kid escaped from, but also not driving off away from it either.

So we waited for a bit till the sound of their vehicles had gone and we went to the camp fire they left burning and threw a little more sticks onto it to keep it going.

While I was doing that, the kid was getting more rocks that had been strewn around the place and built up the wall of rocks around the fire until you couldn't see the flames unless you were in a much higher terrain and looking down on it.

Which I am hoping that no one can see.

So that's where we stayed that night with the kid getting a few more winks while I kept watch. There was one point for a couple of hours where the kid kept watch while I caught a bit of shut eye.

But for the most, it was me that was on the look out.

Using the last of the food early the next morning, we talked about what we were going to do and it was no surprise that the kid had decided to chase after her father and watching her look at the direction those vehicles had gone, I got the feeling that she knew where they went too.

So after putting the fire out and getting ourselves ready, which included checking the kids wounds, we began to make our way in trailing the wheel tracks that were easily seen on the ground in front of us.

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