Chapter 4 guys & problems

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'Click click' was the sound the car made as Brett locked the doors. He grabbed my hand as we walked back up to the doors of Cynthia's house.

"Where have you two been?" Shane asked wiggling his eyebrows and looking at me.

Looks like we were gone longer than I thought because Shane noticed and he's not a very observant person.

"I took Faith to a spot by the river" Brett said blushing.

"Awwww isn't that sweet" he said in a really mocking tone.

"No but seriously it's really nice out there where he took you faith," he confessed. "I wish I would've thought of something like that for Becky."

That made me good inside because it was Our spot. Just me and Brett. No one else had anything like it.

It was getting pretty late so everyone started settling down a bit. By now it was 11:15. Becky was talking to some of her other friends around the island in the kitchen, and Brett was having a little drink with some of his buddies. so it was just Shane and I sitting by Cynthia's pool in lawn chairs.

Since it was so late I was tired and not willing to talk as much, so he started to make conversation.

"So how are you and Brett" he asked casually.

"Good, that's a random question but good." I said as I laughed.

"Hey I was just trying to make conversation." he said throwing his hands up.

There was a slight pause.

"What about you and Becky?" I asked curiously.

"It's great. We're getting a lot more serious than I thought we would."

"Ooo" I said while wiggling my eyebrows back at him like he did to me earlier. Ignoring my gesture, he began to talk more.

"I just," he started. "I've never felt this connected to someone in all my years of dating." I laughed at him for using the term 'in all my years of dating.' It was weird to see him so serious but it was cute the way he had fallen so hard for Becky. I felt the same exact way about Brett.

"Say I'm getting too serious, but I really think I'd marry her right now"

I gasped. "NUH UH" I said really excited.

He nodded and smiled.

"Well...," I paused. "Becky deserves to know somewhat of this conversation.." I trailed off as I started to run and tell her. I felt like I was in Kindergarden again running to tell on someone.

"FAITH ROSE YOU WILL NOT" he said running after me.

I tried to dodge him but he ended up swooping me off my feet.

"I will throw you in this pool" he said looking at me.
"Whatever you wouldn't do that to me" I said laughing it off. but his eyes widened like 'you better believe I will'

And before I knew it I was tossed into the freezing cold water, and that stinging feeling came to my nose that you feel every time you jump into a pool of water. But this time I didn't jump. I was thrown.

I swam as fast as I could to the steps and ran out of the water with my now sopping wet dress. I swear this dress was not meant to be. It has been through hell and back tonight.

I ran over to Shane and slapped him a couple times as hard as I could on the neck.

"Okay okay, I get it" he said flinching. "You can stop now faith" he shouted.

We both laughed. And incomes Becky running towards us.

"What just happened??" Becky asks looking concerned.

"Your hubby just threw me into the pool" I said shivering and kind of glad I was getting Shane in trouble.

"Babe!!" she said slapping him on the shoulder.

"Hey it's not my fault your bestie here can't keep secrets" he said winking at me.

Becky gave us both a curious look and I just laughed.

"Hey babe, you alright?" Brett says walking towards me wrapping a towel around my shoulders.

"Yea I'm fine." "It was kinda fun." I said laughing. Brett shook his head and started to walk me out to his car. By this time it was 11:50. Shane and Becky followed behind us because that was there only transportation. there was only a handful of people left in Cynthia's and I think everyone was kind of ready to leave anyways.

"Thanks for having us" Brett said waving as he walked towards the door.

"Oh you guys are welcome anytime!" she said rather enthusiastically. "hope you had fun!" for once Cynthia was nice. It was different. It was weird.

Shane gave her and friendly smile before we all excited her house.

"Fun party aye?" Becky asked stepping into the car.

"I had fun" Brett said looking over at me smiling. I blushed.

"That's great lovebirds" Becky said as she grabbed Shane's hand.

I loved her humor. It was so similar to Shane's, and that's why they were perfect for each other.

For the rest of the drive home we blasted pop music and sang along wayyy off key. But who cares when you're having fun right?

The first stop was Becky's house. Shane stepped out of the car to accompany her as Brett and I stalked them in silence.

I could hear the faint sound of their voices as he leaned over very slowly and kissed her long and soft on the lips. They weren't making out, it was just a gentle kiss to say 'I love you.' it was cute.

I smile spread across my face as I whispered "look at those two."

Brett heard me and turned towards me to see me smiling.
he scooted up on the seat towards me and wrapped his hands around my waist. It gave me chills every single time he did that to me, no matter what. He rested his head on my shoulder as I close my eyes. What a perfect night I though to myself.

"Hey guys so I was thinki-" Shane started as he opened the car door.

Brett and I didn't notice him open the door at first because we were so wrapped up in our moment so we continued until Shane started to speak.

"Ooo sorry for interrupting.." he said laughing.

"Nahh you're good." Brett reassured "we were stalking you and Becky anyways" he said chuckling.

"Were you now" he said. I could see him smiling in the visor mirror.

"Yep Shane pulls fo sure" he said smiling at me. I laughed and so did Shane.

Shane finally pulled up in the driveway of my house after about 15 more minutes.

"Go on" he motioned. "It's not like I'm going to stalk you and Brett or anything" he said chuckling.

Brett and I stepped out of the car and walked to my front porch.

He was looking down at the ground before I broke the silence.

"Thanks for tonight" I said.

He took his gaze off of the ground and look me straight in the eye and smiled. Ugh he looked so attractive and Oh who was I kidding I couldn't wait any longer. I pulled him in for a passionate kiss.

About a second into the kiss I saw him stick his middle finger up towards the car, and Even though Shane was behind closed doors, I could hear his loud laugh in the background as we kissed. Which made me smile.

Our lips parted and he brushed my back with his hand as he said a final goodbye to me and I went inside.

"How was the party??" my mother yelled.

"Good!" I shouted running up the stairs to my bedroom.

I collapsed onto my bed. Too much smiling today. Way too much

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