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2:47 AM

» Do you know that out there, in just one parallel universe we never met? And I don't know you exist? «

Do you remember when we talked about that?

Those were the happiest nights of my life.

You and me, staring at the sky after running away from crowds and clouds.

Things changed. And we have changed.

We're gone. Slowly faded away. Don't worry, Simon. No one will ever know you wanted to be close to me.

I wouldn't want to be close to me too, after all those rumours.

But then I ask myself do you even notice me in a full crowd of people now? Or do you not even notice me anymore?

Things have changed, and we have changed.

But what if in that other parallel universe we're together, smiling and feeling happy?

That was meant to be our future, but It didn't turn out like that.

After all this, I'm just Sunnie Mellow to you.

That quiet black haired girl with scars on her wrists that's sits behind you in English class. The one you ignore. The one that you pretend you don't know. The one that's carrying all the rumours on her back.

And you're so mysterious. I wish I could know what's hiding behind your cold look.

I still hope it's not a cold heart. I don't need another heart like that one, Simon. It's enough of a burden to have mine.

Please don't be my burden.

I can't handle this cold air.

There are no stars appearing on the sky.

I miss everything we could've been.

It's almost 3 AM and I'm cold.

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