Kaleigh's Outfit

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/AN: another short chapter..sorry\

I walk into the house and see Kayla all ready on the couch.

"Kayla!" I say and run to her. She jumps up from the couch and hugs me.

"Kaleigh! How are you?"

"I'm good! You look amazing, how are you?"

"Thank you!" She pulls away and we now both stand in the middle of the room. "I'm good, Niall asked me to be his girlfriend!" We both make an excited squeaking sound.

"That's amazing! Oh my god, I'm so happy for you. I guess I should tell you...." I pause and she looks at me worried, "Harry asked me too!" We let out another excited squeal.

We both laugh. "OK! Now go and make yourself look drop dead gorgeous," Kayla says while pushing me towards the stairs. I walk up stairs to the shower.

I take a shower. I try to take a fast one so I have a lot of time to do everything else. Before I know it I am out and drying off. Only a ten minute shower..not too bad! I dry off and go to my dresser to get a bra and underwhere. I put them on and walk over to my closet. I decide to wear a dress. The top is white and has a heart shaped neck line. The bottom has a white background and a red and green floral print. I love it! For my shoes I decide to wear white vans because they are way more comfortable than heels.

I go into the bathroom and get my make up. I apply my normal make up. I get out my straightener and plug it in, letting it warm up while I blow dry my hair, then I straighten it to perfection. I unplug all my heat products and head down stairs with Kayla.

When I get down there she is watching T.V. I sit down next to her and we both look at each other as we hear a car pull up in our drive way. Must be Olivia.

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