the day they came

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First off a little info about your character
Your 21 and in college, you and your best friend go to the same college. You ride the bus together and you share the same interests (more info will come as the story unfolds)

FUCKING FINALLY you yell as you get off the bus,
I know right college is such hard work your best friend lea says.
Tru dat, when I get home I'm gonna be watching Jack so don't expect me to answer my phone.

( if words are underlined like so it's your thoughts)

I gulped my life was always horrible,but I hid it underneath the mask I wore the only person who could see through it was lea. I was planning on ending it tonight but I wasn't sure if I wanted to I mean it would make the pain go away but what would happen to lea?

Sounds fun but I'm pretty sure your not gonna watch him or the others  today.

I looked at her puzzled

We turned the corner and I dropped everything



Hey guys I'm not dead I've just had some writers block with my other story but I got inspiration for a new story
So here it is I hope you like it

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