Chapter 27

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There's a sound and I open my eyes, sucking in a breath and sit up straight. A dull ray of sun shines through the window. Callan's chest is still moving up and down slowly, in the same spot he was before.

But now, Greer is standing beside the desk and there's a bottle of something beside me. I look down at it, then at her. Her eyes are swollen but surprisingly, she's dressed as if she's been out.


I stand up, rushing into her. She wraps her arms around my shoulders, tightly.

"I'm so sorry, Greer."

She backs up suddenly, wiping her eyes with the back of her hand. "I brought something for his pain. I had no idea he was hurt too."

"He didn't want you to know."

She smiles sadly. "He's a... kind man."

I look around at the room. The wood of the desk is splattered in dried blood, the couch stained with it. "I'll buy you a couch. A new one. I'm sorry we came in here but-"

"Dinnae think of it. A life is worth much more than these mere things." I close my eyes and grab her hand. "Did ye stitch him up?"

I chuckle tiredly, running a hand over my eyes. "Can you really tell that much?"

"Aye, but ye did a bonny job anyways for an amateur."

I let go of her hand and walk towards him, swiping his hair from his face gently.

"Will ye be missed at the castle?"

"I scribbled a note for Ann. She'll stall."


I nod, smiling softly. "She's extremely loyal... and she knows about Callan."

"Ye need to get him into a bed. My brother's cottage will be fine for him to recover in."

I glance at her, then nod. "I can't stay long. I have to be back today but... may I come back?"

She nods, smiling. "Aye, I need ye to... I need a friend right now."

I walk into her, feeling emotional. "You have one."


"Where in the hell have ye been?" Ann exclaims, shutting my bedroom door behind her. I remove my cape and she gasps. "Why do you have blood on your clothes? Are ye hurt?"

I grab her hands, smiling softly. "MacCallan- he was hurt but he'll be okay now."

"Hurt how? He's here? I thought ye told me he had been taken by the British!"

"Lachlan told me that. I haven't been able to ask MacCallan yet about what happened."

"Yet? Ye mean you're leavin' again?"

I nod, pulling my shift over my head. "Yes, I have to."

"What shall I say- if you're asked for?"

I dip my hands into the cool water and then press them to the back of my neck. "Say I'm not feeling well as of today and would like to remain undisturbed."

"Aye, alright." She nods, swallowing. I reach over and clutch her face, kissing her cheek with enthusiasm.

"Oh, I do love you, Ann."

"Aye, ye better for what I'm goin' through for ye."


Dismounting my horse, somewhat clumsily, I take her by the reins and lead her into the stable, knowing the townspeople know the look of my white stallion.

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