Kayla's Outfit

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/AN: This chapter is pretty much all about Kayla's outfit. Super short again..sorry. Long chapters to come!\

Niall drops me off around 1. We say our good byes and I go inside.

"Kaleigh, Olivia, are you home yet?" I yell. No answer. I take that as a no. I set my purse on the counter and head upstairs. Once upstairs I jump into the shower and shave.

(10 minutes later)

I get out of the shower and dry off. I get a bra and underwere set and put it on. I walk over to my closet and quickly decide what to wear! It is a new jumper Stacy just gave me. The top is baby blue with little white pokadots and the bottom is a nice light orange. It has a cute mini blue belt too.  For my shoes I put on a pair of tan sandals. I want my hair to be wavey so I plug in my wand and start on my make up. I put on my usual make up, perfect. By the time I'm done the wand is hot. I divide my hair into sections and wave it. I finish and put hair spray in it. I head down stairs and here Kaleigh laugh as she opens the door...

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