He Cheated.

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[Artist: mikumo]

[Levi's P.O.V]

I thought he cared for me.

I thought he loved me whole heartily.

Every time we became one, he never failed to whisper those three words.

But how come it feels like those words are becoming poison to my ears...


At first I thought he had been getting very busy with his work along with his studies, since he's majoring to be a doctor. Therefore, I just brushed it off as him trying to work at his best, balancing both work and studies.

A few days later, I was receiving calls from Erens work that Eren has been skipping work and in reply I told them that he was busy with his studies at the moment. After I ended the call, a thought occurred to me, 'why didn't he inform them? He usually informs them when he has an exam or study group coming up.' Yet again I brushed it off as 'he was busy' working hard that he may have forgotten.

Later that day, Shitty-glasses had called telling me to come over to the cafe to hang out, I rudely decline but they were persistent, so in then end I went.

"Ahh! Shorty! You're here~!" She said as she runs up to me attempting to hug me. "No, I'm not letting you hug me. Who knows when you recently showered!" I said walking to a near by table and sitting down with four eyes following. "Rude! I may be your typical kind of crazy scientist, but I shower like everyday!"

"You mean once a week, or probably two." I said with a blank face. "Hey! That happened only once! And I couldn't help it I was too absorbed in the experiment I was—"

"Enough, I don't want to hear about your shitty experiments." I said raising my hand a bit to show that we're ready to order. The waitress came and asked what we'd like to to order. I order tea and as for shitty-glasses, she ordered, well who knows what. The waitress left to get our order and Hanji stood up and slammed the table leaning forward grinning. Hell I knew what that grin was for.

"No, I won't fucking say a word." I said. She let out a groan, "But Leviiiiii, I want to know how my two cupcake buns are doing. Pleaaasee??" She gave me that look. No. it's not going to work on me. I brought my hand to her face and pushed her back to her seat. However, regretted doing that as she licked my palm. I immediately retracted my hand away, "what the fuck was that!" I said it more as a statement, my face now cringed at the filthy germs on my hand. I rose from my seat and walked towards the bathroom to wash shitty-glasses' germs off.

After washing my hands, my phone vibrated and saw that it was Eren calling.


"Hello, Levi?"

"What do you want, brat?"

"Geez, why do you never say anything when you pick up?"

"Oi, get straight to the point. Don't tell me you just called me to ask me that?"

"Ah, no, well, I'm calling to tell you that I'll be late on coming home again." Eren said.

'Here it is again...' I thought, feeling a bit down but masked it and began to speak, "Alright, what time are you coming home, I'll stay up and wait for you. Are you going out studying?"

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