Awoken To Reality

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Once again before I start I must say that I don't have ownership of the art work in this chapter the credit goes out to the artist all I own is the story. Thanks and enjoy.

    The last thing I remember is watching my crimson blood mix with the clear blue waters and the children coming closer as I sink. I just woke up in a room coughing water everything is dark. Shivering in the dark I begin to freak out until I broke a nerve. Then I feel a pair of arms wrap around me and they said......
    I woke up with a fuzzy mind as I stare at the white ceiling I hear sharp breathing. I sit up to see a small elf looking male with a dark reddish substance trickling from where his eyes where supposed to be. He suddenly freezes when I wrapped my arms around him, feeling sorry I should put him out of his misery. I pull myself closer to his ear and whisper "Shhhh.... Just... Go... To... Sleep..". Putting my knife to his neck he begins to talk.....
      "You shouldn't have done that" I say to the other male. My vision slowly returns and I see him. His carved smile, large baby blue eyes, black shaggy shoulder length hair, and the insane look in his eyes. I widened my eyes shocked who is he?
    "You shouldn't have done that" after those words he stared at me  blankly till he widened his eye. Did I frighten him? Bwahahaha you look like a deer caught in head lights! What's wrong elf did Santa get rid of you? Hahaa.....and with that both boys where knocked out.

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