Chapter 8

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I sit on the bed, stumped as to what to do next. I check the door I just came in, and it’s locked.

About an hour later, I hear the door open, and familiar lights appear on the floor outside. I get up and strap on my weapons. Then I follow the lights. The lead me to another room I don’t recognize, which is completely empty, except for a door on the opposite side of the room.

I hear a sound from my left forearm. Confused, I roll up my sleeve and look at my schedule. Instead of displaying the time and my schedule, it merely says.

Go through the door. I’ll open it.

Curious, I walk to the door, and when I get within three feet, it opens. I walk in, and find myself in a well-light hallway. I glance to either side, and see doors all along the corridor. I look at the plaque beside one of them. Room 0402.

So that means I’m on the fourth level. I hear the noise again from my arm. I check it again.

Go left, all the way down the hall. I follow the directions, keeping my eye out for anyone. But it seems to be deserted. Maybe everyone’s at class. I think.

I reach the end of the hallway, and find myself the elevator banks. One of them opens, revealing an instructor. He pauses; gaping at me, then goes for his gun. I get to my dagger first, though, and throw it at the gun, knocking it from his hand. Without missing a beat, he draws his sword and moves forward to attack, and I draw my own blade. He strikes at my head from above, and I parry.

We exchange blows for a few moments, until I get into my battle mode. Everything slows, and it’s just me and him. His sword swings at me, going at a laughably slow pace. I twist it out of his hand, and, as part of the same motion, slam the pommel of my weapon into his temple, ending the fight.

I start to go to the elevator, but my wrist makes the noise again. I check it:

Search him for a key card, or something like that.

Who is this? I think.

I find a small, flat piece of plastic about the size of my little finger on a string around his neck. I walk into the elevator, and look around. As well as the usual button setup, a panel on the back wall slides open, revealing several other buttons, each labeled for what level they’re on. It looks like there are at least a hundred levels.

I hear noises behind me, and turn. Several instructors are coming down the hallway toward me, and I scamper out of the elevator and snatch the instructor’s gun. Then I duck back into the elevator and fire it at them. It’s the same type of gun that Garith had, so it shoots non-lethal cartridges. The instructors duck into doorways and start to return fire.

“Where do I go…” I mutter, mostly to myself. In answer, I see my arm light up.

Go to the top level.

I locate the correct button and hit it. It doesn’t say Level 1, but Main Level.

The doors close, and the elevator moves upward.

Just follow my instructions and we’ll get out. When the door opens, go through the door directly in front of you.

I suspect that the person giving me directions is Lee, but I won’t know until I see whoever is giving me the instructions. As to how I’m getting the instructions, I don’t know.

The elevator opens to a room with seven different doors leading out of it. The floor here isn’t the smooth, white floor of all the other levels, but rather some type of grey, rough rock. The walls are made of a similar materiel, and the doors are some type of metal.

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