Tara's first session

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Justin's POV

Today was Tara's first session to go and talk to someone about her past. Honestly I felt bad. I wasn't going to tell her that I was taking her to talk about her painful past. I kept thinking of way's to get her in the car. The only I could do was lie. I didn't want to lie to her, she'll never trust me again. I walked into Tara's room and gently stroked her face with the back of my hand.

J: "Wake up baby girl."

T: "Mhhmmmm"

J: "Come on, you need to get up."

T: "5 more minutes!"

J: "Sorry babe, come on." I said lifting her out of bed.

T: "I hate you." She said giggling.

J: "No you don't."

I then went to her closet and picked out a outfit for the day for her.

As soon as I got her dress we went downstairs and had a quick breckfest.

J: "Okay hun we have to go."

T: "Where are we going?"

J: You'll see."

I then got her in the car and then I got to the drivers seat driving to Tara's first session.


As soon as we pulled up the the building I got out of the car and got Tara out.

J: "You ready baby girl?"

T: "For what?"

I just remained quiet.

As soon as I walked in I went to the front desk.


J: "Hi"

"Whats the name?"

J: "Ummm Tara, Tara Bieber."

"Yup we have her down, they'll be right out to see her."

J: "Thank you."

I then sat down and waited for them to come and get Tara. I could tell Tara was scard.

J: "It's alright baby girl." I said while rubbing her back.

T: "Why are we here?"

I didn't want to answer. I just made it seem like I didn't hear her.

"Tara Bieber?"

I looked up and picked up Tara and walked with the nurse.

N:"Okay we'll take her, from here."

I then handed them Tara.

T: "No."

Tara wound't let go. They tried to get her off.

J: "baby come on, you gotta let go"

T: "no!"

J:"Come on let go."

T: "NO!"

J: "Tara princess, you have to let go!"

T:"NO!" She sobbed.

They finally got her to let go of me. The nurse that was holding Tara started walking down the hall with a crying Tara in her arms. Tara started kicking and screaming, and sobbing. I had to turn the other way from stopping myself from turning back and cradling her in my arms and taking her home.


I turned around when I heard her say 'Daddy'. That was the first time she ever called me 'Daddy'.

I ran back to the nurse and grabbed Tara and held her in my arms. 

T: "Daddy!" She sobbed.

J: "Shh shh it's alright, everything is going to be alright."

T: "I-I-I thought you where leaving me." 

J: "No baby, never."

T: "I love you Daddy." She said as she started to calm down and snuggled her little head in my neck.

I kissed the top of her head swaying her back and forth.

N: "You know that's what they want." The nurse said.

J: "What?"

N: "The children that come here, they want you to feel bad, they want you to help them but really you sending her here is helping her." 

J: "What should I do?" 

N:"Give her to me."

J: "Okay."

As I started to hand her over Tara started saying,

T: "Daddy, Daddy no!"

J: "Baby look at me, this is to help you."

N: "Yes, we would never do anything to hurt you."

J: "So will you go with her?"

T: "Okay, but you'll be here when I get back?"

J: "Yes."

T: "Okay."

N: "Come along."

Tara then took her hand and looked back at me.

J: "I love you baby."

T: "Love you too Daddy."


Sorry it's short, I'm so upset to update. I really wanted to take my time and make it good, but everyone keeps telling me to update. Guy's I go to school, I have another life beside Wattpad. I'm sorry. 

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