Chapter 68: Sleepy Mornings

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Fingers were drawing circles on my back. Small circles that left trails of flames in their path.

I could feel my beast start to wake up and yawn out from a peaceful sleep. We had slept well, better than we had slept in a long time. A deep sleep without nightmares, whispers, or tormenting dreams.

The only torment right now were the fingers drawing circles on my back, stirring up a feeling in my belly that seemed like a bottomless pit. A feeling that we both sated over and over and over again only to crave more. We had been out here so far for a day and a half; last night was the first night we actually slept. Well, after he caught me rummaging through the refrigerator which was the epitome of bachelordom; peanut butter, beer, milk, bacon, and spaghetti sauce; but hey, there was some wine. We ended up breaking in the kitchen island after that, then the counter, then the shower before he carried me back to bed where he apparently was holding me 'hostage' indefinitely.

I fluttered my eyes open to see Ethan looking down at me through his thick lashes. I sighed against his chest and smiled sleepily before a yawn surprisingly tore out of my lips. His chest vibrated before he dipped down to kiss me.

"Morning sunshine."

"Morning," I sighed out. I turned my head a little and looked out the windows. The sun was started to gently pour through the windows; morning was indeed here and a new day was upon us. "We should get up," I mused softly.

He stirred and started to run his fingers through through my hair. It made me purr against his chest. His chest vibrated some more as he let out a long breath. "We could."

I looked back at him with a raised brow to only get innocent eyes looking back at me. "Ethan," I playfully warned. He dramatically sighed before his eyes flickered to me deviously. Before I knew what was happening, I was on my back with him looking down at me with a sly grin. "Ethan?"

He dipped down and kissed me softly, drawing a purr from my lips, distracting me. I sighed a little and tilted my head up to reach him. He tugged on my bottom lip while his legs slid in between mine. He let out a low rumble and started to kiss his way down my jaw until he reached the mark on my neck, making my body swirl as he ran his tongue over it.

"Ethan," I breathed out.

"Mmm?" I murmured against my neck as he continued to slowly assault it.

"We have pack things to do, and your brother–"

"Sunshine," he growled softly as he nipped at my earlobe. "Now is not the time to talk about my brother, besides," he murmured against my lips before he kissed me. I felt a familiar wetness start to pool between my legs as he rubbed his hardness against me. I let out a breathy sigh into his lips as he kissed me again. "We have things to do."

Before I could reply, he slipped himself inside of me. Into territory that was so familiar yet so new and unexplored. Needless to say, Ethan I didn't leave the bed until well into the morning when I convinced him that I needed a shower.

We didn't leave the shower until there was only cold water pouring down our backs.

"Hey, Ethan?"

"Ya sunshine?" he said as he shook his wet hair on my from the shower.

I squealed and smacked him playfully as I tried to wring my own hair out. "How did you get out of that collar?"

Ethan shrugged. "I saw Andrea marching furiously towards your cabin then the next thing I knew the same kid that put this on me was taking it off. He said that Andrea cleared you and, I quote, 'beta Everette please don't rip my throat out or let Charlotte rip my fangs out I was just doing my job.'"

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