My mom is a prostitute, my dad is a sex addict, my brother and I are...?

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My mom is a prostitute, my dad is a sex addict, my brother and I are...?

So, I pretty much have a screwed up life. Every since I was born, I've been told "Sex is the best thing you'll ever have." I didn't believe because my brother, Julian, pretty much raised me my whole life. We raised each other. My name is Anna Shane. My brother is Julian Shane. My parents are, well, not really are parents, in theory. My mom name is Brenda and she is a professional prostitute. My dad is David Shane and he is a sex addict. My mom and dad are never really home. From the money my mom makes, she gives half of it to us for food, clothing, personal hygiene stuff, etc. My dad is a banker dude and he makes a lot of money. He "loves" us so much that he bought us an apartment.

I'm fifteen and Julian is eighteen. Brenda (mom) was really close to David (dad), and they had us. David is rather, in other women's POV, he's pretty good looking. Brenda is a red head but a VERY good looking red head. She had no freckles and she had the looks. I guess I get that from her. David is a smoking black hair dude. He was slim and well built and any girl would be crazy about him no matter the age.

Julian and I inherited his black hair. We both got our mother's green eyes. I got Brenda's curves, David's features. Julian has David's body and Brenda's features. They made us like supermodels. I would give them credit to call them Mom and Dad.

Julian and I kicked A at school. We were the queen and king. We had good friends and they didn't know about our dirty family secret.

We were the children of a prostitute's client.

We lived high and we had parties usually. Yeah, I had a boyfriend and Julian had a girlfriend. He didn't follow in David's footsteps; instead he was a VERY compassionate, caring, cool big brother. I didn't follow in Brenda's footsteps either. I chose my guys carefully and I NEVER want to be a prostitute. I wanted to be a beautician. Julian wanted to be a chef. Julian loved to cook and no one could slow him down when he's cooking. Its one thing girls around here love about him.

I was sitting on the balcony with my boyfriend's arms around me. His name is Ty Samuels. He was good looking and absolutely not a jerk like some other guys.

We were talking about our childhood. "In third grade, my teacher assigned me to Chloe, and I splattered paint all over her. She hated me ever since." I laughed because that memory haunted me with laughs.

Ty laughed and he held me tighter. "You know, I liked you ever since fifth grade. You know, Eve Worth? I kinda cheated on her in sixth grade when I gave you that dozens of roses."

I absolutely remembered that. "That was sweet of you. I still have a pedal in my room when the last rose died. I liked you in seventh grade." It was really hard to admit it and my face flamed. Ty kissed my neck and I turned my head to kiss his lips. We kissed like that for a minute then I heard someone clear their throat. I looked up and it was Julian. He folded his arms and I forgot the rule he made. He didn't want both of us to end up like Brenda or David, so he said no hardcore making out, period. I got up out of Ty's embrace and stood up. I was playing with my finger s, looking at the ground at the same time. Julian usually lectured me about this. In the corner of my eye, I saw Ty got up and he stood by me, chin up.

"Anna," Julian groaned. I looked up and Julian's eyes were worried.

"Jules, we weren't going to do anything. When you're in a relationship, you at least have to show some love." I protested. Julian hated the nickname Jules.

"Yes, but we don't want to end up in some brothel."

I stomped my foot and looked at Ty for some help. He nodded and spoke, "Julian, you're a cool dude but you have to know I love her. I won't let anything happen to her. I also think of you as a brother I never had."

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