Chapter Eight: Bad Blood

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"Damn you! Making me remember such memories" I yelled at the Wolf. I lost control and ran to kill her without my consent. My Head hurts so much for remembering that memory. Always wondering why couldn't I stop remembering. But at that moment I knew why those memories wouldn't leave.

My parents must have thought it was a mistake creating me. As if I weren't suppose to made nor born in this world. Because I will always be a cursed person where no one can help me from falling to darkness. After, I finished off the mother I glared at the children.

My body it felt like it wasn't mine no longer. It didn't stop until my thoughts came back to the controls. I held back my knife away from the wolf cubs and moved back. While the cubs ran away from me I left to a large lake. As I pulled down my F/C hood down and stared at myself. Within the water all I see is nothing but a killer.

Small tears slowly fell of my eyes and dropped to the water. I try wiping them off but more tears fell out. Soon, I just gave up trying to stop them and let them fall. While I stared off at the whole lake with thoughts flowing out. A small wolf cub came back and followed me.

"Huh? What do you want?" I asked the cub sniffling. But it just tugged my cape alot of times. Until I picked it up and layed it at my lap. "I killed your mother...yet why are you here with the killer?" I say to the wolf. Though still no answer for a while as silence filled the atmosphere.

When I paced around thinking where would the camp be. But the wolf tugged on me agian and walked away. I was curious and followed it until soon I was back in the camp. Being left astounded the cub went to my tent and slept. And I sat next to it so I could protect it. Because I believed this wolf is my new best friend.

Ali POV:
"Jin check that way and I'll check this way" I tell Jin pointing his way. As we both run and look around from where the scream came from. None of us cpuld find where it came from. Except we only found a large wolf cutted into peices. Yet no clues where Y/N could have gone to.

As we kept running through the trees in a hurry and worry. When we got to camp we saw her and a wolf. So Jin carefully lowered himself to check on her. "She's safe and sleeping"  He whispered to me which made he breath the sigh of relief. "Who do you think is sleeping from your own gross breath Jin?" Said Y/N.

I couldn't help but laugh and fall of the tree. No one could ever say that to Jin without regret. "Hmph! Bite me princess" He says with a large grin. "Ok S/N bite him please" She commanded the wolf cub. As it ran after Jin I poked the wolf before it touches Jin. *Bite* "Damn that Hurt!!" I yell while I teared a bit. When I started blowing on it Y/N picked up the cub and smiled. "

"Good Job!" She smiled giving the cub a big hug. "I will never forgive that little demon!" I scream at it which made it flinch. It ran behind Y/N and so she got furious. Soon she gave me a long-damn lecture of treating it better.

I couldn't help but get angry when he frightened my little friend. So I gave him a lecture he would never withstand. "Never treat my tiny cute friend like that agian" I commanded. "Aren't I your friend too?" Ali asked me with a pouting face. I was disgusted and turned away thinking of an answer.

"Hmm... How can I say this nicely" I thought while petting the cub. Until I got a great idea on how to answer his question. "You never were my friend and never will" I tell him with a pleasant smile across my face. He left after me saying that with a face of distraught. While I stared at him leaving Jin was looking for something.

Now since that's over I might as well help Jin out. Walking towards Jin was hard since he kept moving around. "Jin Stop moving!" I complained. But he didn't listen and kept looking for the thing he's looking for. "What are you looking for Jin?" I question him. "I'm looking for my small knife... I knew I left it here" He said.

With shock I quickly pull out the knife and throw it across to Ali's Tent. "Oh look it seemed that Ali had your knife" I say pointing to his tent. As an angered face showed upon Jin he grabbed the knife and walked back to me. "Thank you Y/N.. So do you know where Ali went to because I need to give him some discipline" Jin said with a smile.

"Oh he went over there to the right near the large lake maybe?" I answer him. While he runs off to get back at Ali who I have secretly left in trouble. I had the whole camp to S/N & I. It will be so great we could just relax without anyone to bother us. Soon that only lasted for 4 minutes and Jin dragged Ali back to camp. Which made a loud ruckus.

"Don't worry S/N I feel your pain" I say to the small wolf who seemed upset. I just sulked and petted S/N who actually enjoyed it. But the noise those two made were still loud and I couldn't help but yell at those two idiots. "QUIET!!" I screamed at them who went to their knees and said "Yes ma'am".

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