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Dan's POV

We just got back from the Australian tour, which was amazing! Tim tams are all that I had hoped and dreamed for.
I decided to do something fun and romantic for Phil, because it had been a while since we went on a date together- so I went on tumblr and looked up date ideas, but all of the suggestions were too formal or too... non Phil-like I guess.

"Shucks to that" I thought as I paced back and forth in my room like a wind up toy- I'll think of my own date idea. Something amazing' Which is what I'm currently doing now.

Fast forward another ten minutes of pacing, and I get an idea which seems perfect for both of us. A virtual reality movie or show and then a picnic in the park. So I look up whether there is any VR shows on, and apparently there is a David Attenborough virtual reality show about the sea. Hopefully he'll like that, knowing him he probably will, the cute squish.

So I set the date and book the tickets. In a week from now we will be going on out date and I honestly can't wait, but should I make it a surprise?
After making a pros and cons list (yes I did do that), I come to the conclusion that a surprise would be sufficient, and since we are both introverts, I don't think he has anything planned for next week. As it is currently 2- something  am, I decide to try and sleep, but my racing thoughts about how this date will go keeps me up till the early hours of the morning.

I've been resurrected from the dead!
Hopefully you guys are still here.... or am I alone.... ok

Also two chapters in one night can I get a hell yeah?


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