46 | Method Acting

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Henry glanced between his Nanny, his biological mother, and his biological grandfather. "You guys are lying to me, aren't you?" Henry questioned suspiciously.

"No one's lying," Emma assured her son as Indiana and David went back to cooking. It was the only time the two weren't at each other's throats. They found peace in the kitchen.

"You are," Henry accused. "Just like you did about my dad." Indiana shot David a worried look.

"Henry..." Emma trailed off while reaching out to him, but Henry had pulled away. David and Indiana looked back at the Savior. "He's right. No more lying."

"Emma..." David began, walking over to his daughter.

"No... Emma's right. He deserves to know," Indiana agreed with a soft voice. "Henry..." she trailed off, walking over to face him directly. "Cora's death... Snow may have been partially responsible... That's why she's so upset."

"No... No, no... She couldn't," Henry told them, looking between Indiana and Emma as someone pounded on the door.

"She was trying to protect us," Emma added.

"But she's Snow White," Henry argued as David went to the door. "She wouldn't hurt anybody."

"Get out," David's voice sternly demanded. They all looked back to see him facing Rumplestiltskin.

"I think you're gonna wanna hear what I have to say..." Rumplestiltskin started. "...for her sake."

"What are you talking about?" Emma demanded as the trio joined David at the door.

"Regina. She's planning to strike back against your mother," Rumplestiltskin warned.

"What is she gonna do to her?" Henry asked as Emma pulled her son close to her.

"Oh, she didn't say," Rumplestiltskin answered.

"No. You don't get to come in here and just drop a bomb like that. You're gonna figure this out," David declared angrily. "And you're gonna help us."

"And why should I?" Rumplestiltskin queried.

"Because aside from us being family now, Mary Margaret saved your life," David spat. "Now, you owe her a debt. And you always pay your debts, don't you? You're gonna help us stop Regina."


Shining his flashlight, David Nolan led Rumplestiltskin and Indiana Jones into Regina's chamber. As they walked throughout the chambers, they came upon a small corridor. It looked as though someone had just recently been rummaging through everything.

"Well, it appears we just missed our dear Queen," Rumplestiltskin told the two as Indiana began to look around.

"What is this?" David asked in confusion.

"These are Cora's belongings," Indiana realized, holding a familiar purple cloak in her hands. "You think Regina's planning to use one of her spells on Snow?"

"It's a possibility," David responded, looking down at the girl. She sat on the floor, holding the cloak. "You know, it's a bit weird that you're holding a dead woman's cloak."

Indiana shot him a look. "Cora was my friend. She took me in when the world shut me out," Indiana informatively said. "I never got my chance to mourn, even if it's best that she's dead."

"Something's missing," Rumplestiltskin called out. The two looked over to see him looking into a small box. "Chimera Blood... Viper's Eye..."

"What kind of curse do you need those for?" David asked.

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