46 | Method Acting

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REGINA MILLS CONTENTLY STROLLED throughout Storybrooke, admiring what her gruesome curse had done to everyone living in the Enchanted Forest. She glanced over to see the werewolf arguing with her grandmother, which was something that wouldn't change no matter what.

"I can't believe you put me on the early shift!" Ruby exclaimed angrily. Her outfit was provocative and she had red streaks running through her hair. Regina hardly recognized her.

"Yeah, well, that's what you get for staying out all night," Granny responded to her granddaughter, adjusting the sign outside the Diner. "When I said over-easy, I was talking about the eggs."

Regina would've laughed if she weren't so excited about her newest creation. She looked straight ahead to see a man walking his Dalmatian. "Good morning, Madam Mayor," Doctor Archie Hopper greeted.

"Good morning, Crick—Dr. Hopper," Regina replied happily as he walked past her, Pongo tugging him excitedly. Then, she noticed a familiar brunette wearing running shorts and a tank top with her hair tied up.

"Oh! Uh, hello, Mayor Mills," the brunette greeted, jogging in place before the Mayor. Regina nearly did a double take when she realized who this girl was. "It's a, er, beautiful day out, isn't it?"

"Yes, it is," Regina agreed. "I see you're out for your daily run, Anna."

"Yep! Always on the run!" Anna James confirmed with a smile. "You have a good one, alright?"

Then, Anna James ran past the Mayor. Regina sighed happily. "If that's what become of Indiana Jones, then this really is heaven," Regina breathed joyfully.



"Anything?" Emma Swan asked her father and Indiana from within the apartment while Indiana placed a stack of pancakes in front of Henry.

"Not a single bite," Indiana answered with a hushed voice. "Which is so weird. She eats everything I make. Including that time I attempted to make Chimera, which was downright vile."

Henry glanced over at Snow White, who was laying in bed sadly. "What's wrong with her?" Henry queried.

"She's just... uh, feeling a bit sick," Emma explained.

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