Chapter 9

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Ahmed's POV


I smile thinking of the conversation we had today when I was dropping her home from university.

I drive home and park the car once I reach there. I take my belongings, open the gate, lock the car and walk towards my house. Taking the key out of my pocket, I unlock the door and head inside.

It's not dark as it usually in the house and it's because I'm home early. Maha is watching TV and mama is cooking dinner.

"Assalamu Alaikum Mama," I greet, removing my shoes and keeping them aside.

"Walaikum Assalam beta. I'm so happy you're home early," She greets back, and I smile.

"I'll try to come home early from now on then," I say, winking playfully at her, she laughs, mumbles a 'okay' and continues cooking.

I sit on the table as mama serves me food.

"Mahaaaaa!!! Enough of watching TV. Aa kar khana kha lo," I say, loudly so she can hear me.

"Abhi ayi, bhai!" She replies, turning off her TV.

"Wash your hands first," I say, earning a groan from her.

She is very lazy about washing her hands for some reason.

She washes her hands and sits on the table. Mama sits with us, and we have dinner together.

In bed

I turn and toss restlessly in my bed, thinking of the note she gave me.


I open the note, to see a beautiful hand writing. I start reading the note and it goes something like this.

'Hey.. I don't know where to start from but.. Well, I'm sorry for my rude behavior, and for judging you too quickly, Hussain made me realize that what I did was very wrong. I know its weird to apologize by writing a letter but I was ashamed of my acts, I hopefully won't repeat the mistake next time. Also! Don't try to cut my sentences. I don't like it.

I smile at the last part but remain shocked, did she really apologize? Did she really just say she realizes her mistake and won't repeat it again? Well.. I didn't know she had a good side.

End of flashback

I smile, finally everything is going okay.

I fix my pillow and close my eyes. After a few minutes, I fall asleep, thinking about a certain girl.


"Mama, look it's him!" A sweet voice calls.

I turn around to see a girl, who might be 4 or 5 years old, running towards me. She is smiling brightly and I look behind to see a lady walking with a smile on her face too.

She has those familiar dark grey eyes.

"I missed you" The little girl exclaims happily.

She hugs my legs and I look down at her, confused.

"Ahmed. Kesay ho?" The lady says with a warm smile on her face.

Who is she and this little girl? Why is she so happy to see me


I wake up and start coughing. I was wet with sweat. I try to calm down and take deep breathes. What was that dream?

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