One Year Later

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From the Adventures of Grant McSwain, Fearless Hero, Hearty Fighter, and Formidable Foe...

Accompanied as always by his gorgeous assistant, Birgitte Bakkersson, the Stunner of Stockholm.

"I think I figured it out, Bridge," Grant said as he walked, hunched down, through the dusty catacomb.

The bright-eyed blonde smiled. "You've sorted out the way into the sealed Chamber of the Sun?" The Nordic lilt in her voice and the soft laugh when she asked tickled Grant's fancy.

"No, not that. Look, we know now that there's a whole other world," Grant said. "We'll call it Pandora."

"Oh," Birgitte said. "This again."

"And it bears the mark of at least four ancient Earth cultures—"

"We are in the middle of a job," Birgitte said, and the dim tunnel seemed to grow chilly and dark with her mood. "Lost in a grimy maze of bones, hoping we can even get inside the sanctum—once we find it. If we find it. Yet you're still caught up with this mystery of yours. Perhaps you're not best equipped to make sense of all these details, Mister McSwain."

"I'm not," Grant said with a sigh. "She was always better at this stuff."

"You cannot prove your tale," Birgitte continued, "and no one would believe it."

"She believed it."

"I hate to be cold, Mister McSwain, but our livelihood and our very lives depend on your expertise. Teagan O'Daire is dead and buried. You helped lower the casket—do you not remember?"

Grant paused as memories flooded his mind, forcing in against his will. The devastation in the Repository of Castellano after he set off a dynamite charge... the long, silent flight to Ireland... a blurry ceremony seen through tears in a cemetery in Galway under a sky that had no right to be so blue...

It feels like forever ago, yet sometimes it feels like just yesterday.

He noted Birgitte's expression and took a deep breath. She needed him at his best, here in the moment, not caught up in a different life however long ago.

"I'm not reliving the past," Grant said, taking Birgitte's cool hand. "I've moved on from all of that. I'm just saying, these artifacts and sources of mythical power have a common root. And Roquefort would bury us in pound notes if we brought that back to London."

Birgitte furrowed her pretty brow. Covered in webs and grime, gleaming skin hidden under a layer of dust, she still looked more ravishing than any woman Grant's eyes ever beheld. Even her? Yes, more than her.

"Master Roquefort isn't financing this expedition," Birgitte said. "Are you ill, Mister McSwain? Do you not remember your meeting with the Viscount?"

"Right. What was I thinking?" Grant shook his head and pushed aside all thoughts of Pandora's magenta skies and double moons. An image of a handsome man's thin, pale face formed in Grant's mind.

Anatoly Tarvinthian, the Viscount of Belarus, held to traditions of nobility while amassing a fortune in modern business. The vast wealth of his estate dwarfed his personal holdings in arms manufacturing, which was still sufficient to fund significant investments in America. Railroad barons gave way to natural resources and automotive industry over decades, but Tarvinthian's money flowed freely into all of these.

Even more so, Tarvinthian showed talent in the world of fine arts trading, giving him ties to prominent museums and access to historic sites around the world. His private collection in his secluded castle summer home was rumored to fill several stories, with more floor space and estimated value than the Smithsonian and the Louvre combined.

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