You Hold My Heart in Your Paw [BoyxBoy]

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**Take note of this:

*This is boyxboy and contains things homophobes will not enjoy.

*I am naughty with this sometimes.. so be prepared..

*Don't continue reading if you don't like this kind of stuff!

*If you do like this.. well then keep reading on!




Chapter 1            *Xavier’s POV*

Everyone wants to find their mate. They want that special someone they can hold at night. Someone that they can be with forever. Their other half. The one that can finish their sentence. The one they can love forever. Someone that will always have your back. Someone that knows how you feel without having to ask. Someone that knows when you need a hug.

Here I am on my sixteenth birthday and dreading it. People call me crazy for not wanting to find my mate. They would tell that some people don’t find their mates and that I would be lucky to find mine. Well my reply wouldn’t be the one they wanted to hear. I would tell them I don’t care. What girl wants to have a gay mate?

Yeah, I'm gay. I don’t get up for all those girls that come on to me. They don’t turn me on. While those girls flirt with me, I'm discreetly checking out guys. I want a mate, don’t get me wrong, I just want a man as mine. I don’t want a girl that will change me. I don’t want one that turns me on. I don’t want a girl! But, being a werewolf has its ups and downs. I mean it’s awesome I can turn into a wolf and everything, but I can’t choose a guy and say “Hey, he’s my mate”. No, that’s the fates job.

I walk into the school and I don’t look around, looking for my mate, like all the other wolves do on their birthday. I don’t search around the hallways trying to find mine. No, I walk to my locker like it’s any other day. I grab my books for first period and head out to the garden area.

The garden are is where many people sit and hang out. My friends and I sit under this big tree towards the back. It’s our place. Everyone knows, human or werewolf, not to sit there. I make my way over and see that Jared, Alex, and Peter are sitting there. We have more friends, but they are either late comers or sit with their mates or girlfriends. Alex has a girlfriend named Alice. Their names sound the same, I know, everyone they meet tell them that. He sometimes sits with her, but most of the time sits with us.

The closer I got the more my stomach felt weird. I started smelling a delicious scent. I stopped and sniffed. It was amazing. I followed it and led me to my friends. I look at my three friends as they talk. My eyes land on Alex and I moan quietly.

Not quiet enough I guess since they all looked in my direction. I walk towards Alex and grab his arm, pulling him up. “Come with me.” I tell him, straining against pulling him into my arms. He’s bisexual, but he has a girlfriend and that would creep him out anyways. I pull him back inside the school and lead him into a bathroom.

“What’s wrong?” he asks, as I let go of his and walk back to the door. I lock it and head back to him. I walk pass him though and I lean against the wall.

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