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"Stories are fragile, like ice, but when they shatter, the impact can be extraordinary." - M. Elyse Lynch

Hey guys!

My name's Heart_Elyse and welcome to my book of short stories. If you're reading this now, it must mean that at least someone has had their eye caught by this book, even if it might just be the cover of the book or the little blurb, but for whatever reason, I'm truly glad that you are here.

So, the reason I'm writing this book? Well, for the past two years that I've been an active member on Wattpad, I've only ever written fanfiction, and while fanfiction is great and I absolutely love writing it, I started to realise that although at the beginning of my writing journey, fanfiction had been a huge aid to me, as time has gone on, I've become more aware of how it also hinders my work and puts limits on things that I no longer want to limit. So, this book is pretty much an escape from that and forces me to write my own stories with their own characters and their own plots, instead of just using the backbone of another's idea. I'm not saying I won't write fanfiction again, I'm just saying that I've decided to take a back seat.

These stories are just little snippets into another person's life, and I hope by showing you these snippets, you might understand how it could feel to live in another person's skin for a while. These stories are completely unrelated to each other and may be written in different ways, like in a script form or as a poem. This book won't be updated all the time either, but randomly, depending if I have a story to tell.

I really hope you enjoy this book and remember, tread carefully; you don't know when the ice might break.

M. Elyse Lynch

P.S. Just a warning; these stories might be sad, so keep the tissues handy, just incase.

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