Chapter 001

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Hyejin's POV

My name is Kim Hyejin and I'm 18 years old. I live with three of my older brothers in this peaceful neighbourhood as my mom and dad lives abroad. We're actually half-siblings. We have the same mom but we have different dads. Somehow, my mom always marries a Kim and her husbands before my dad either runs away or cheats on her. Even so, we love each other like real siblings and fight a lot too.

"Yah!" I shrieked as Taehyung, the youngest of my three older brothers stole my sausage. He just kept on eating with a smug look on. "Give me yours then!"

We started fighting, since he sits right beside me during dinner while the other two sat across us, as we shrieked and cursed at each other.

"Guys-," Seokjin tried to break us off.

"You shouldn't eat too much, just look at your cheeks!" Taehyung squished my cheeks with both of his hands making me slap his hands away.

"Do I look like I care? Food is my life!"

"Then do you not want to get married? What kind of guy would marry you if you're like...this!"

"What does that supposed to mean?!"

We kept yelling and hitting each other before Seokjin threw his and Namjoon's glasses of water at us.


"Hyung!" We whined at the same time as the older just pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration.

"Will you two stop fighting for once?" He asked nicely as Taehyung and I looked at each other before turning to our brother.

"He/She started it!" We blamed each other and started bickering again.

"Oh, please! No wonder mom and dad doesn't want to live with us," he shook his head.

"...That was offensive," Taehyung uttered.

"Aish, whatever! You two are washing the dishes,"

"But it's Namjoon's turn-,"

"No complaints!" Seokjin cut me off as Namjoon gave us a victorious smile and we felt like pouncing on him.

Taehyung and I just huffed in anger as we didn't speak a word to each other at first but ended up complaining about our two older brothers and we became friends again. Ironic isn't it? That's just how things are between all four of us. We get angry at each other for a few minutes but start talking again after that. It was time for bed and of course, Seokjin made me go to bed early as I have school tomorrow.

"Sleep well," he said before kissing the top of my head and tucked me in bed as if I was still a young child.

"Goodnight, Jin," I muttered and drifted off to dreamland, or should I say nightmare land.


"Ah!" I screamed and jolted up from bed, my whole body was sweating. I looked around and was relieved to find myself being in my own room.

"That dream again," I muttered whilst rubbing my eyes.

My alarm rang right on time as I decided to get out of bed and get ready for school. I wore my yellow, black and white school uniform before standing in front of my cupboard's mirror as I tied my hair up into a ponytail. I took my bag and head out of the room. I stopped just in front of the stairs to the second floor of the house as fear started to fill my heart.

No one ever goes there now, honestly.

The last time I went there was when Seokjin told me to take his luggage of doctor stuffs and I had to ask Jungkook to accompany me. But he changed after that. He became even more cold and just really distant from me. Nevertheless, he still hangs with me at school, goes to school with me and sends me home as he lives in the neighbourhood next to ours.

No one sleeps there since the first floor has five bedrooms, and just enough rooms for us to live here.

So, no one really goes to the second floor as rumours said that there's a spirit living there.

"I had the same dream again. Twice this month," I sighed as I walked side by side with Jungkook, heading to our school.

This dream I mentioned is about the second floor of our house. I get this dream every month, either once a month or more than once a month. What scares me the most is the fact that the dreams are the same. An unknown boy goes up there and doesn't comes down, I go search for him and only to find his dead corpse lying on the floor. Stabbed numerous of times using a knife, legs broken into half and an eyeball pulled out of its sockets. The killer just stands in front of me and I wake up when he tries to kill me.

"Maybe your dream is trying to warn you," he spoke making me look at him.

"Warn me...about what?" I asked as I looked at him curiously.

"Sometimes, dreams might really happen. They could be visions of your future and it could happen someday,"

The way Jungkook said it just made me get goosebumps.

"Are you saying that the spirit living upstairs of my house is trying to kill me??"

"...Probably," he shrugged.

"Y-you're scaring me!" I made a face and looked away.

"That's why I suggest that you don't go up there. If you do, just ask me to accompany you," he said, eyes focused on his steps.

"Thanks," I nudged his arm as he just ignored me.

There he goes again, acting all cold with me and just ignoring my whole existence. Did he see something traumatic upstairs which made him act like this? He didn't tell me anything after we got down the second floor. I kept asking and he just told me to mind my own business.

I just hope that I won't need to go up there ever again.


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