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guys let's make him do this quiff yay cause his hair is able to do that now. cute baby.

the reads between the last two chapters dropped faster than louis dìck around danielle i'm sad don't leave pls 

I think people need to realize there are no sides here because it's unfair to blame Louis or Harry for anything right now. Harry is 100% allowed to be hurt and upset. Regardless of why Louis is with Isaac, Harry can be hurt because it was off guard and he did finally let Louis in only to find out he was with another guy and Harry doesn't see everything we see. Harry didn't see those messages because he blocked Louis. He didn't see the conversations between Louis and the guys. He didn't see anything and I think if you were in Harry's shoes, unaware of a lot of things Louis has said and done that only we see, you would react the same. (but of course Louis shouldn't be blamed either so no sides ok)


PayneInYourAss: hi sweetheart

NakedTommo: 👀

NakedTommo: hello

PayneInYourAss: how are you doing?

NakedTommo: ok considering the love of my life hates me

PayneInYourAss: listen can we meet up and talk?

NakedTommo: if you're going to just bitch at me then you might as well just do it now 😔

NakedTommo: what I did was wrong, I already know that. Niall took care of the hatred part so I guess ur here to just make me feel like shit and guilty about everything.

PayneInYourAss: what?

NakedTommo: just yell at me already. I know that's why you messaged me.

PayneInYourAss: seriously? You think I'm here to bitch at you?

NakedTommo: well yeah I cheated on your best friend 😟

PayneInYourAss: I'm not gonna yell at you. I want to see how you're doing with em everything considering everyone is against you rn

NakedTommo: so you're just pitying me?

PayneInYourAss: well tbh yes but I do care about you and I do wanna make sure you're okay.

NakedTommo: whatever 😔 I just want to go home and cry. No one trusts me. 

PayneInYourAss: well it's kind of hard to when you have so many secrets...

NakedTommo: that's what everyone keeps telling me but it's not secrets I want to keep it's secrets I have to. 

PayneInYourAss: no Louis. You dont HAVE to keep anything from anyone. You have a choice here.

PayneInYourAss: you ALWAYS have a choice.

NakedTommo: it doesn't feel like I do anymore.

PayneInYourAss: I know what's going on and I'm here for you. I know we're not close. Not like you and Harry and Niall were, but I do care about you.

NakedTommo: that's what they all day and then they betray you or they leave you and now I don't know who to believe anymore.

NakedTommo: I love Harry so fucking much and he hates me and it feels like nothing else even matters anymore. Not when the guy I'm in love with thinks I'm a jerk and not when I caused him pain.

NakedTommo: I'm no better than Isaac.

NakedTommo: emotional pain is just as bad as physical.

NakedTommo: honestly it's probably worse.

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