Rich Boy: f o r e w o r d

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AN: The foreword is the only part of this story that will be in third person, the rest is in first.

Ethan checked his hair for the fourth time that hour, slicking his slightly gelled dark locks back with large, tatted hands

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Ethan checked his hair for the fourth time that hour, slicking his slightly gelled dark locks back with large, tatted hands.

"This is a bad idea..." His best, childhood friend Ron trailed off in a sing-songy voice, watching him with a straight face.

"I know, you've said that already." Ethan scoffed with an amused grin, distracted as he looked over his reflection in the foggy, blotch stained mirror in concentration.

"Dating someone who could buy your existence -yeah not the smartest move but it's whatever. Now inviting that same someone over to our ghetto slumps for drinks, now you're just a new type of stupid." Ron stared, resting her tattooed arm against the doorframe as she popped her red lollipop back into her mouth with a straight face.

"Oh lighten up, it's not so bad." Polly told her very best, childhood friend Harry two blocks outside from where Ron and Ethan were as her Prada heels clicked against the cracked, uneven sidewalks that seemed to be littered with trash and untamed weeds.

Harry trailed after her, immediately regretting wearing his bright pink polo shirt as he looked around the shady neighborhood, earning a few glares and pointed stares his way.

"Not so bad- even the air here smells like a mixture of disappointment and prostitution." Harry chastised, fixing his collar with a look of distaste.

"I think it smells fine." Polly took in a deep breath for emphasis, looking over her shoulder to smile at Harry who glared at her as the two walked with their pristine, name brand clothes.

Harry spotted a large piece of shit on one of the dried, patchy lawns besides the sidewalk, not knowing if it was from a dog or a human.

He was really hoping it was from a dog.

"I think you're lying." Harry gestured to the pile of crap with his head, making Polly shake her head with a smile.

"I'm not lying." Ethan laughed back inside the bar down the street.

"So you really like her. Like, like her like her, like making her breakfast even after sex and picking her over porn like her." Ron clarified as Ethan nodded.

"Yup." He confirmed.

"Got nothing to do with the fact that she's loaded."

"She could be just as broke as me and I'd still like her." Ethan truthfully admitted.

Ron sent her friend a hard look.

"Ron, I really like her."

"Harry, I really like him." Polly admitted when the two reached the bar, lingering outside.

"Polly you know I love you, but come on, just think about this for a second, all this guy is after is the money." Harry tucked his hands into his khaki shorts.

"How do you know." Polly countered.

Harry widened his green eyes, giving her a look before raising his hands, wildly flapping and gesturing to their surroundings as the sound of tires screeching and obnoxious honks were heard in the back.

"Have you seen where he lives!" He said in exasperation.

"She's only after the sex and thrill of being with a guy who has more than one tattoo." Ron reasoned.

"How do you know." Ethan shot back.

Ron stopped sucking her lollipop to purse her lips and give him an "are you stupid" expression.

"Have you seen where she lives?"

"I'm going to knock so be nice." Polly grinned eagerly as Harry stayed by her side.

"No don't knock, it's not too late we can still leave and go back home where filtered air and good hygiene exist-"

Polly knocked, causing Harry's protest to die down as he pinched the bridge of his nose, trying to control his breathing.

"I'm going to let her in, now be nice." Ethan said, heading towards the door like an excited puppy as Ron followed after him.

"It's not too late, we can close the blinds, turn the lights off, pretend like we're not even here and they'll eventually go home." She prompted.

"What is your problem? Why are you so against this." Polly turned to Harry as they waited outside.

"Because we are completely different from them. We have different lives, different agendas, probably different smells-" Harry listed.

"We're nothing alike. For all we know that girl's probably here just so she can make fun of it with her friends in the hills when she's done." Ron brought up.

"I bet you he'll probably steal all that jewelry you have on by the time we're done here." Harry claimed.

"They're snotty, shallow, pro-Donald Trump fans who-." Ron continued.

"-don't care about anyone else but themselves with their big chains and delinquent attitudes-" Harry ranted.

"We have nothing in common with these people." Ron and Harry both said in unison, the door the only thing separating the two people who were trying to talk their friends out of this situation.

But this wasn't Ron and Harry's story.

This was the poor delinquent boy and the rich preppy girl's love story, Ron and Harry were just the friends on the side who try to support the main lovers.

No, there was no way Ron and Harry would ever have a story together, even as Ethan opened the door, smiling at an already beaming Polly, the two too busy in love to notice their childhood friends eyeing one another.

After glaring at the leather jacket wearing punk that was already flirting with his best friend, Harry's gaze flickered over the guy's shoulder to the girl behind him, staring at Ron's many tattoos, wondering what kind of lady would ever want so much ink done on her skin.

Once Ron was finished looking at an actual real life Barbie who smiled up at her best friend, she glanced at the pink shirt wearing boy besides her, Harry's perfect hair and clean nails making her assume that this rich boy probably never had to work a day in his life.

But no one would focus on the two friends of the main characters, after all they're just there as support, surely they don't have their own story.

Harry's eyes were locked with Ron's when their gazes finally drifted up, the both not daring to look away, completely blocking out their best friend's idle chatter.

But what if for once, this was their story.

AN: In almost every story or fan fiction you have the main character's friends who play the wing man/wing woman, the potential cockblocker, or the ones that really put some sense into the main character's head.

These side characters, (the ones who are like, hey go to the party with us or hey, you should stop being a little bitch and call her man) most of the time seem more relatable and likable, always adding comic relief to situations at times or even drama yet their story is never told.

This is Ron (Veronica) and Harry's story as side characters in their best friend's love affair.

Only to gradually become main characters of their own love story together unknowingly.

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