Finding Each Other :::2:::

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*Damien’s POV*


Sister? Best friend? Nanny? Worst of all, girlfriend? Kyle was bisexual-though he preferred to say it just didn’t matter at all-so that Abby girl could have been… might have been…. His girlfriend. I’ll see you later. What did that mean anyways? She’d come back to talk? Or was it just a nervous goodbye?

What was with the baby stuff anyways? I didn’t think he had any contact with this town at all, but he must be in touch with Karen unlesss he has another kid running around. I’s hard to imagine Kyle as dad of the year seeing he knocked Karen up them fled town.

My gut sinks. That was kind of my fault though.

“Will that be cash or credit?” I ask the old woman in front of me, forced smile beaming.

She punches in her I.D number and my vision drifts over the store well my mind drifts over my life. I couldn’t even remember Kyle’s babies name. She just didn’t seem real to me. I didn’t know anything about kids but she was probably up and running around by now. Did she ask after Kyle? Did she know him?

Jealousy flickers in me, but it’s short lived and petty. The kid deserved to see her dad, I didn’t. I slump my shoulders slightly against the cold reality. I didn’t really deserve him, did I? I wouldn’t talk to Kyle if I found out he was cheating on me, especially in a time like that, with a forced marriage being pushed down my throat. In his position I probably would have done exactly the same thing…

Except I’d have cared. Either way, I still would have cared.

The sigh from my lips causes the old woman to look at me over her shoulder as she hurries out of the store. I really want to just put my head down and rest but the next customer was already joining my isle. The smile I dress myself in is pathetic, and I turn to look at…. Abby.

At the weariness on my face she touches a finger to her lips “Umm, hi”

“Hi” I’ll see you later. I guess it was literal. My eyes narrow slightly as I eye my possible replacement. I was every bit as cute as her if not cuter…. Maybe not personality wise, but I could definetly outmatch her in looks. Call me vain and shallow, but I had to be better then her in some way.

“What time do you get off?” she asks curiously. Her head tilts.

“…Twelve” someone steps into line behind her, frowning.

Casting a dull glance behind her, she then rounds on me “Okay. Meet me outside at twelve”

My eyes follow her the entire way out of the store, a million questions on my lips.


You can imagine how slowly the clock moved after that. As even the seconds ticked by it felt like there was a thick sludge holidng the hands back, slowing time itself as the worst kind of torture. I didn’t know what Abby wanted from me, but I knew what I wanted from her; awnsers.

So five minutes before twelve I stepped out early and paced the parking lot, waiting with a forced patience that bleed through my mind as if a bullet had entered my brain. She didn’t show up for another twenty minutes of me scanning faces hopefully. I glared as she approached me.

“I don’t have a car, so we’re walking. Come on” she didn’t wait, just turned and started walking back the way she’d come. Her strides were long and purposeful, but with a lazy kind of confidence that said she was hurrying because she wanted to, not because she cared about the consequences of taking her time.

“You’re twenty minutes late” I shove my numb fingers further into my pockets. Winter wasn’t the kindest of seasons, it icy beauty cold and isolating.

“And?” she replied. She looked mad. At me.

“And nothing. Where are we going?” the words are forced from behind clenched teeth and bent pride I couldn’t afford to piss her off. She was all I had to connect me to him. If she wanted to be a bitch about it fine, I’d get her back the second I didn’t need her.

“The hotel. The baby was sleeping when I left, but we need to hurry”

I stare at her “You left a baby by itself?!” how could anyone do something so stupid!

She digs into her jackets and extracts a baby moniter. “I had to come get you.”

“Why?” this was calming me. This game of question and answer. She might tell me about him if I ask.

“You’re baby sitting for me” she replies. My eyebrows fly up.

“Umm, what?” I had as much experience with kids as your average guys does crossdressing.

She stops and freezes me in place with a harsh glare “You have questions right? About Kyle? Even though you’re a cheating asshole, I think it’ll be good for him to chew you out anyways. So I’ll help you. But you have to help me first”

“Where are you-” she holds up a finger, and the expression that crosses her face is so fierce I know that it won’t be a topic I revisit in the near future.

“Keep me out of this. Baby sit until Rose comes home. Tell her I hired you as a babysitter and paid you upfront, then leave. I’ll come get you again as soon as I can and arrange a meeting with Kyle. I’ll also answer questions for you-after you help me. That’s the deal. Are you in?” she raises an eyebrow.

I frown “I guess” we start walking again. It’s a few steps before it dawns on me.

“But I’ve met Rose before. She won’t be okay with me being in her house babysitting her grand daughter. Where’s Karen anyways? Where’s Kyl-”

“No questions. I want your help first. But Rose knowing you might be a problem” she touches a finger to her lips in thought, then slowly looks me over. An idea forms in her eyes, and to herself she nods once. “On second thought, it shouldn’t be a problem at all”


Problems with this chapter: Short, bad writting, dull, took forever to upload. Sorry guys T.T its exam times and I'm kind of in a funk. Wattpad is feeling less and less like a place to express myself and more and more like a popularity contest (One that I'm loosing lolol) ignore my depressing-ness T.T Will try to upload again soon, I love you all so much <3

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