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I do not own All Time Low or any characters related to their real life. No matter how much I would like to own Jack Barakat. However, Spencer, her dad, Susan, and Cole are mine. Don't take them, or I will hunt you down and tickle you!


My mom and I had gone to a work shop that day. I made a clay pot, when she asked if she could see it, I told her no, that she had to wait until tomorrow.

She had shown me what she made, it was a dream catcher. "It will make all of your dreams come true Spencer Rae." she said as she slipped the necklace over my head.

I picked it up from my neck, and looked at it. It looked like something you bought at a jewellery store, not something someone made in an hour.

Once we had gotten home, I had immediately shown my daddy what I had made for mommy, and told him that he couldn't say anything, that it was a secret. He promised that he wouldn't say anything, and told me that Tara had called, and asked if I could come over.

I had ran into my room, and put my clay pot away, and then ran back downstairs, and out the door to my best friends house.

With suicide, you can sometimes never tell when it will happen.

I woke up at my normal time on a Saturday, around ten o'clock. As a seven year old, that was really late for me. I put on my 'Hello Kitty' slippers, and made my way downstairs.

I sniffed the air, expecting to smell something absolutely delicious. My mom always made the yummiest breakfast, but I didn't smell anything, and I didn't hear her moving around in the kitchen.

I poked my head into the kitchen, no one was in there.

"Mommy?" I called, maybe she was hiding. "Mommy? Are you in here?"

I got no answer. Where could she be? She was always up before me.

Slowly, I walked out of the kitchen, and made my way back up the stairs, and to her bedroom. On the way, I thought about why she wasn't up yet.

Maybe she was mad at me because I hadn't shown her my pot. I didn't want my mommy mad at me. Quickly, I dashed to my room, and took out my pot from in my treasure chest, and started making my way back to my parents room.

I knocked on the door. "Mommy?" I called, in case she didn't hear the knock. "I wanna show you my pot now. I'm sorry if I made you mad, I wanted it to be a surprise."

I still got no answer. I reached my hand out, and twisted the knob, and pushed the door open.

She was in there, she was on the bed in a silk white nightgown. But she didn't look like my mommy, she looked pale, and sickly. She had discolourations in various places on her body, and scratches on her arms and legs. Her normally shiny brown hair, was dull, and thin.

I got up in the bed, and pushed her side. "Mommy? Wake up." she didn't move. "Mommy, I said I was sorry, stop playing, it isn't funny." I kept pushing at her side, but she didn't move, or crack a smile, it looked like she wasn't breathing.

I leaned over her to put my pot on the side table, when something caught my eye. She had an envelope clutched in her hand.

Spencer Rae, was what it said.

I set my pot down, and picked up the envelope that was in her hands. I opened the envelope, and read the letter. I was only in the second grade, but I had an excellent vocabulary, and could read at a sixth grade level.

As soon as I had finished reading the letter, I went into a rampage. I ran around my moms' room, throwing everything in my way, I took scissors, and cut up her clothes, flung her make up everywhere. Once there was nothing else to reek havoc upon, I went back to my moms side, and started to ball.

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