Mate of Honor Ch. 2

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            Rosie paced back and forth in the living room feeling nervous. Butterflies swarmed her stomach making her feel like she was going to puke. She had to tell Roxie now. Miranda had told her it was okay to tell Roxie their secret. Besides, Roxie was probably going to find her mate in the Armoon’s pack anyways. Miranda said that was normal for human twins. If one is a werewolf mate than the other probably is to. So Roxie would find out sooner or later anyways.

            Rosie gulped; they were leaving in ten minutes for the airport. She probably should have planned to tell Roxie sooner. If Roxie didn’t believe Rosie then she would never allow them to get on the plane. Maybe it would be best not to tell Roxie until they were safely landed and at the Armoon house. At least then she wouldn’t be able to go running back home right away. Roxie was not very opened minded.

Their life had made her closed off to everyone but Rosie. It was unlikely in Rosie’s mind that even if Roxie found a mate among the pack that she would accept him. Rosie chuckled; she pitied the man that tried to capture her sister’s heart. It would probably be something similar to throwing a rock on a bucking bull and expecting it not to fall off.

            She giggled remembering how Ethan had squirmed nervously when he’d told her about werewolves and mates. He’d been terrified that she would reject him. Apparently that was getting to be a much less rare occurrence as people went the less traditional route in life. Rosie cringed; she had once taken that route, often too. But she had been stupid, young and naïve. Had she known what she did now Rosie would have been more responsible, helped her sister, stood up for herself, tried to find Ethan sooner instead of dating, if you’d call it dating, random guys. Rosie sighed; her teen years had been a mess. Now she was older and wiser, but it didn’t change the past.

            The sound of footsteps alerted Rosie to her sister’s approach. She plastered on a smile quickly deciding now was not the best time to tell her twin that they were going to stay with werewolves. Oh yeah sis and my fiancé, Ethan, he shifts into a wolf. Roxie would surely send Rosie to a mental hospital.

Would Ethan be able to get her out of a mental hospital or would the fact she said he was a werewolf but him on the list of people who could not visit her? Rosie shook her head; she was not going to a mental hospital. Roxie wouldn’t waste the gas driving her there anyways. She’s just whack Rosie upside the head till some sense made its way in.

            Roxie was tired though. She hadn’t been able to sleep at all. Instead she’d stayed awake all night worrying constantly. Roxie hadn’t met many rich people, but she could only imagine how badly things could go if the Armoon family were stereotypical rich people. Of course, Miranda had sounded delightful on the phone, but what did that mean? Roxie knew from experience people could sound great on the phone but then be terrible in real life.

            After their split at sixteen and Roxie running away to be with Rosie again, Roxie was given the chance to choose between several foster families. She’d talked to each one on the phone for over an hour with some and finally settled with one that seemed perfect, one that might even adopt them into their family. Roxie shuddered at the memories and set her suitcase down next to Rosie’s. A voice on the phone could definitely be a polar opposite to the real person.

            “Are you ready to go?” Roxie asked rubbing the dark circles under her eyes. Rosie nodded grabbing both their main suitcases despite Roxie’s protests.

            “You can lug the others! Just not the other big ones, I’ll get those, you’re too tired.” Rosie called back setting the suitcases on the curb to wait for the taxi. She waved to their neighbor, Derrick. A middle aged man Derrick had yet to give up his hopeless romantic yet slightly player ways. He was constantly dating a new woman and stealing flowers from Roxie’s flower beds to give to the girls. More than once Derrick had found himself being chased by a rapid Roxie with some sort of cooking utensil in her hand.

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